7 Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Swings [2020 Reviews & Guide]

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With each new generation and passing time, Yoga has evolved a lot. This new generation of Yoga techniques is more productive, objective, and goal-centered. From all the new branches of Yoga tree, Aerial Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga is another one. Further, you need the proper gear to get the best result and to perform it safely. The equipment you need to perform Aerial Yoga is called “Aerial Yoga Hammock”.  

Moreover, Aerial Yoga, as the name suggests and using aerial yoga equipment is performed above the ground. Also, the results of Aerial Yoga can be seen specifically at opening the hips and in decreasing back pain as well as tightness.

What is an Aerial Yoga Hammock? 

Aerial Yoga Hammock is fitted to aerial strong support, which is capable to take your load and keep you in the air for an adequate amount of time when you perform your Yoga. The material used for Aerial Yoga Hammocks is parachute-grade nylon, silk, or taffeta fabric. Also, it is a prop that is consists of support chains, a webbing strap, a silk hammock, and carabiners. 

Moreover, it is equipped with two support chains hanging from the aerial support with a height, not more than 1 meter from the ground. They have got many names too such as hanging ropes, anti-gravity hammocks, inversion tools, trapeze, gravity yoga swing inversion tools, and pull up bars. The amount of material you will need is based on the height at which you will hang it. Aerial Yoga varies from each other based on color, weight, width/load limit, width and length of fabric, fabric type, foam handles/no handles, etc. 

Furthermore, the aerial yoga swing supports the hips for bends forward and backward. Some postures which are difficult in mat become way too easier while performing in the aerial yoga. Quality of your Yoga, result, and safety depends so much on the hammock you use. That’s why you should be very careful while buying it. Enlisted are certain things you should make certain while investing in an aerial yoga hammock:

7 Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks Reviews


1. Yoga Trapeze Pro Swing by YOGABODY


  • It involves a quick and simple set up
  • It is great for back pain relief
  • This delivers traction, flexibility, strength, and improves your backbends.


  • Not much stretchable
  • It comes with a longest hanging handle about 4 feet long.
  • The pro-grade quality of parachute material and rubber handles is strong enough to hold you for a long time.
  • The U shaped seat of this hammock is 8 feet

If you are looking for the best yoga trapeze, then you are in the right place. The Yoga Trapeze Pro by YOGABODY is the most trusted and popular inversion sling that helps with every body type to practice powerful yoga at any age. This trapeze includes nylon ropes to help you hang the swing from a doorway bar. Also, it is one of the best back-care and fitness tools that relieve your back pain through inversion therapy.

With different poses like flying double diamond, trapeze splits, and the trapeze pigeon, this model provides a deep hip opening, upper back, and chest flexibility, and stretches your hamstrings. You can easily set this trapeze using their free tutorial video. Additionally, the trapeze is backed with a 10-year warranty.

2. Aerial Yoga Swing Set by UpCircleSeven


  • It helps you to stretch deeper, increases the flexibility of your body, and assists you in the battle against back pain.
  • Its large and comfortable thick padded foam handles provide you support you to practice yoga comfortably.


  • The quality of this aerial yoga swing can be a little better
  • It includes a travel bag and a 23-page e-book guide for beginners.
  • This swing set can hold up to 500+ lbs weight.

This top aerial yoga swing comes with a professional design. It is known for its beautifully crafted highly durable, thick yet soft and comfortable parachute material fabric. Also, its professional design comes with a spacious triple stitched swing seat which provides comfort and ensures safety. 

Moreover, it features two multi-loop climber sturdy daisy chains that hold up to 200 lbs per hanging strap. Its versatile inversion therapy decompresses your spine, elevates your yoga practice, and strengthens your entire body. Also, it strengthens the muscles surrounding your spine and allows your spine to breathe and heal naturally. Moreover, this aerial yoga swing set is perfect for kids too. 

3. Aerial Trapeze Yoga Swing by YOGATAIL


  • It helps to improve backbends, reduces fatigue, boosts energy, releases happy hormones, and increases flexibility.
  • Easy to set up
  • You get relief from back pains in 7 minutes with inversion antigravity yoga.


  • None
  • This comes with a weight holding capacity of 560 lbs.
  • It is equipped with 2 side silks so they are able to hold on to the handles
  • Its ultra-light parachute material offers strength and durability.

With premium extension straps, this aerial yoga swing set by YogaTail is one of the strongest hammocks available in the market. Also, they provide a 3-in-1 deal at this fair cost that includes yoga training, TRX style workouts, and inversion therapy. Thus, it is a space saver with many features combined in a single package.

As our safety is its priority, each of its straps has a multi-loop daisy extension strap. In order to add comfort quotient and ease of use, it comes with six large padded handles with two side silks. Other features include four large stainless steel carabiners and two portable carrying pouches. Moreover, it comes in vibrant colors like green and platinum, pink and platinum, and Oceanside blue. Furthermore, it has an exclusive 5-year warranty.

4. Aerial Yoga Hammock Trapeze by INTEY


  • This aerial hammock takes yoga to another fitness level by providing a great exercise to the body.
  • It is easy to assemble as it involves no hassle at all.It is easy to assemble as it involves no hassle at all.


  • None
  • It comes with 2 sturdy extension straps that allow you to set up antigravity hammock easily.
  • In order to ensure your safety, it comes with two sets of hooks. These are manufactured with the best kind of alloy that connects the seat and the two arms firmly.
  • It weighs 7.01 pounds.

With its ability to bear up to 450 lbs, this durable flying hammock is constructed with high-quality parachute material fabric and polyester taffeta. It has large and comfortable thick padded foam handles. Furthermore, it comes with a spacious triple stitched swing seat that pushes the boundaries of comfort.

Moreover, it uses inversion therapy to release the pain of neck, back, and spine and boosts your hand strength. This therapy encourages the flow of lymph back to the heart and trains your body to balance. It can not only be used as aerial yoga exercise but can also be used as a normal hammock at home, yoga studio, etc. Moreover, it can even be utilized for outdoor activities. 

5. Yoga Swing Trapeze by ELA Design – Home Workout Set


  • ELA Design Yoga Swing Trapeze is designed in a way that it can be installed in just a few minutes.
  • It includes a guidebook for beginners to make them learn basic poses and guide in the setup of the swing.


  • Good for beginners only
  • It can bear a maximum weight load capacity of 600 lbs.
  • This is made with top-quality parachute fabric.
  • This weighs 6.8 pounds
  • It comes with three Resistance bands that offer resistance at 3 different levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

ELA Design has given a new innovative tool to the yoga enthusiasts in the form of this wonderful yoga swing trapeze. This product takes yoga to the next level. Unlike other aerial yoga swings, it includes 2 ceiling mounts. This allows hanging your trapeze with perfect stability. Additionally, the kit includes 4 carabiner hooks and six foam handles.

Moreover, in order to adjust the yoga swing, it features 2 extension straps. In this way, you can adjust it according to your height and use it at a safe level. It includes a dual-colored travel bag that allows you carrying your swing. With this bag, it is easy to carry your Yoga Swing to parks, beaches, anywhere you want.

6. Antigravity Ceiling Hanging Set and Aerial Yoga Swing by Gonex


  • It ensures safety for aerial poses.
  • This swing is easy to assemble and carry outdoor.


  • It doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • It is beautifully crafted from high-strength 210T nylon fabric with tough stitching.
  • This aerial yoga product has a large swing seat than other hammocks, making your exercise and aerial inversions more fun.

This versatile multifunctional aerial yoga swing set by Gonex is professionally designed. It is a great product to improve your joint stiffness, increase flexibility, and relieve back pain effectively. Also, it helps to decompress your spine. Moreover, this deep stretching strengthens and loosens muscle. This further makes you feel relief from back pain in minutes.

This comes equipped with eight adjustable rings, four swoop hooks, and two multi-loop daisy chains. Also, this durable yoga swing has been stress-tested to 550 lbs to prevent a tear. The thick foam padded handles provide a comfortable grip during yoga practices. For added safety, triple-needle stitching is done. With the help of two multi-loop daisy chains, you can hang it anywhere, like on a tree branch, an exposed beam, ceiling, or even door frame. 

7. Aerial Yoga Swing for Hammock Activities by Sealed Products


  • This light-weighted yet durable product comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • It improves digestion, eliminates toxins, activates the lymphatic system, etc.
  • This helps to increase your overall flexibility.


  • This does not include mounting accessories.
  • It has a larger swing seat to improve stability and has adjustable fasteners.
  • This set includes a carrying case for traveling.
  • It is equipped with reinforced steel carabiners, poses sheets, etc.

This is another leading yoga swing that takes your yoga exercises to another level and develops your core. It is a tested and proven yoga swing made from high-quality soft and silky material. Also, it is designed to bear weight more than 500 lbs. With 3 quality fabric arms and 25% larger handles on each side, it has 2 superior daisy chain strengths to provide comfort and safe handling.

This antigravity yoga swing releases pressure rejuvenates your spine and provides you relief in back pain. Also, you can use the force of gravity to reverse the effects by hanging upside down from your hips. Moreover, it helps to minimize pain concerned with sciatica, common lower back pain, hip pain, and even herniated discs. 

Factors to Consider While Buying Aerial Yoga Hammock – Buying Guide

Weight capacity

The most important factor to look at while buying a hammock is the weight capacity of the equipment. Your choice should be based on your uses. The minimum weight carrying capacity of a hammock is 200 pounds and it can go up to 400-600 pounds. Some in exceptional condition can carry loads up to a range of 2000 pounds. Moreover, this extra capacity is provided to serve support when multiple people perform tandem poses together. 


There are no ample varieties when it comes to choosing the material of the hammock. As already mentioned earlier they are made from parachute material, typically nylon or silk blends. Also, there are very few brands that are doing experiments with new materials. And hence, before deciding anyone hammock, you should know the material looking at the fine print

Handles vs. No handles

When you explore the world of Aerial Yoga, you will find that some poses of the Yoga are complex and need more support than a hammock. To serve these purpose hammocks are provided with three sets of padded foam handles dangling from both sides of the silk. 

While performing the fundamentals of aerial yoga most probably you may not need it. Moreover, some hammocks are not provided with these handles which are not suggested generally.


Another important and vital factor, which influences your choice greatly, is the price of the product. Aerial Yoga doesn’t need repeated investment. Also, you have to invest once to buy the equipment. On an average a yoga hammock costs in between $35 to $80. Moreover, you have to spend some extra bucks as you have to buy celling hooks which are generally had to buy extra. 

Top 3 Benefits of Aerial Yoga Hammocks

People across the world are now doing yoga during their leisure time to stay fit. The attention to this fitness modality is significantly increasing because of the many benefits associated with it. The advantages of performing yoga regularly are massive. Practitioners use their yoga poses to make new offshoots and try to change the traditional practicing methods. 

They mostly do it to gain the attention of the people towards yoga as they consider it essential. Aerial yoga is also a new type of fitness modality that initially came from New York. It was founded by an Aerial Yoga practitioner named Christopher Harrison. In many interviews, he stated the benefits of performing Aerial Yoga. Some of the best advantages are listed below:

1. Relieving compressions in and around the spine regions

One of the best benefits of doing aerial yoga is that it releases compressions in and around the spine region. As most of the working population sit for about eight to ten hours in the same chair, they often face back problems. These back problems are somewhat related to spinal cord complications. To relieve this pain, you can perform aerial yoga. It helps you in releasing and relaxing the muscles that are present in your spinal cord region. Hence, it reduces the pressure, joint complications, and many more.

2. It improves your overall mental health

Performing simple aerial yoga will help you in improving your mental health, patience, and nervous system significantly. As yoga requires a lot of patience, it tends to improve your mental focus and helps you in keeping yourselves calm all the time.

3. It improves your pulling strength

When you are performing aerial yoga, you will have to put in a lot of effort to pull yourselves up. This helps you in improving your flexibility to pull yourselves in the upward direction, booming up your shoulder muscles.

Many other benefits are also associated with aerial yoga. This includes cardio-metabolic stability, body strength, stress-relief, and many more.



Q. What do you mean by Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional postures and Pilates exercises of yoga by using silk hammocks for assistance. With the help of hammock, you can easily swing around the ceilings or any more things that are above three-feet from the ground levels.

Q. How much weight can hammocks hold?

Hammocks are usually made to hold up to 2,000 pounds. As these are made to offer support and assistance to people, hammocks are much more durable and soft to use.

Q. How can hammocks help professionals when performing aerial yoga?

Professionals practice every day to ensure that they are fit. To ensure that professionals are competent enough, hammocks are made to help them improve their alignment, flexibility, and strength.

Q. What is the fundamental difference between yoga and aerial yoga?

The fundamental difference between yoga and aerial yoga is that aerial yoga requires a lot of breathwork. You will have to perform savasana and chant spirituality mantras that need a lot of breathing. And hence, aerial yoga is suitable for all beginners who are willing to learn it professionally.


Final Verdict

For improved core strength and flexibility, aerial yoga swings and hammocks are of great help. They make us capable to get much deeper into certain poses which are very difficult to do on a mat. Also, they also lower the load and impact on your backside. And hence, it is greatly recommended to perform these new age Yoga techniques for improved health and mind.

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