10 Best Crossfit Shoes For Men – Field-Tested And Reviewed [2020]

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Working-out demands some heavy and grueling exercising sessions. And most of the times when we workout, we indulge ourselves into chances of getting injured. But if the correct gear is used, injuries can be avoided. One of the most essential parts of that gear is shoes you wear. As most of the exercises put stress on the legs, you must equip shoes that provide you with ultimate protection. This is where CrossFit Shoes fit in, as they are designed to provide support to your legs.

The work of CrossFit shoes isn’t only limited to protecting your feet. In addition to that, they are performance enhancers. Usually, people choose sports shoes (otherwise known as running shoes) for doing workout activities. But they aren’t much reliable due to lack of provisions for protection. That’s why opting for CrossFit shoes is the best solution since they fulfil the requirements of important workout gear. They excel in every section compared to running shoes. They are flexible, durable and most suitable for heavy activities. The only downside could be that they’re a bit heavier. But you can expect them to be so since their job is to ensure protection. 

We’ve narrowed down the list of best CrossFit shoes and selected 10 of them. These alpha gears are the best CrossFit shoes for men. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what characteristics make them best CrossFit shoes.

10 Best Crossfit Shoes For Men – 2020

So, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best back massager and so we have done a quick comparison for you.

1. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker


  • It is very stable.
  • Great for lifting and other heavy activities.
  • Solid foundation.


  • It doesn’t have a tight fit.
  • Sole Material – Rubber
  • Upper Construction – Flexweave Dynamic
  • Heel bootie construction
  • Midsole – Forefoot cushioning
  • Weight – 10oz
  • Wide Toe box
  • TPU heel wrap

When it comes to providing immense strength to legs while training, there isn’t any better contender than this pair. These are arguably best crossfit shoes and this claim can be backed up by its features and performance. This CrossFit shoe employs bootie construction. Unlike previous versions of the shoe, some improvements were made in the bootie of this shoe. For instance booties in this are separated from the outer sole, unlike all other previous models. This results in enhanced flexibility and comfort. 

As present in its name, this shoe makes the use of Flexweave technology with a cross weave design over it. There are quite a few merits of this technology. The major merit is that it is extremely breathable. That factor alone enables it to be used for a longer period of time. Other merits are its flexibility and resiliency. Although the material may feel a bit rough, it has a fair amount of flexibility to it. This and combine it with the separate bootie, you can get a lot of freedom in movements. 

The sole in this is pretty solid and makes up for a great foundation for the shoe. For the protection of heels, there is a provision of heel cups. It is made of plastic and similar to the shoe’s previous version. The bottom sole’s material isn’t disclosed by the company but it can pretty much grip any surface. The toe box in this is wide. This works well if you are kind of a person who tends to spread toe while exercising. These crossfit shoes are suitable for day to day activities as well as some heavy workout. But if you are looking for a shoe with a tight fit then this isn’t the one for you.

2. NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes


  • It is somewhat waterproof
  • Shoes are lightweight.
  • Extremely breathable.


  • These aren’t much flexible
  • Upper construction  -SuperFabric
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Midsole – Foam
  • Durable and breathable
  • Number of eyelets – 5 with metal rings

These training shoes are one of the best crossfit shoes for men. The biggest reason for such development is the comfort level it offers. But Nobull isn’t all about comfort; there are other significant features that it employs which holds equal importance. Let’s see them.

Nobull uses SuperFabric outer construction for the shoe. You will find the same material in every CrossFit shoe in Nobull’s franchise. This super fabric material is an advanced development of fabric. By implanting guard plates on the fabric, this super fabric is constituted. An advantage of this material is that you get an additional strength to the shoe.  But it comes on the account of reduced flexibility. But a great thing about it is that it makes the shoe lightweight. So you can’t really complain in that section. 

The foam is induced in the midsole of the shoe. It helps in providing optimum comfort on the upper part as well as absorbing shocks. Foam is distributed consistently so there aren’t any chances of overbearing of weight. The outsole uses rubber material which is actually great as it provides a solid foundation. Furthermore, the outsole is wrapped around the toe, heel, medial and lateral sides, making the shoes sturdy. 

The stiffest part of the shoe is its heel cup which is surrounded by mesh. This is actually a pretty important section because it is responsible for protecting heels. Since it is stiff, it can avoid pretty much any injury projected over the heel. 

Mid-foot section of the shoe is filled with tons of holes, making the shoe breathable. Even the tongue has holes over it. So there aren’t any problems with the ventilation in these crossfit shoes. To sum it up these shoes shine in every compartment (especially comfort) and can be used in everyday activities. 

3. Nike Free TR8 Athletic Trainer Running Shoes


  • Since shoes are lightweight, they can be used for running as well as workout.
  • It has a snug fit.
  • These are extremely durable.


  • Laces are a bit longer than usual.
  • Outsole – Rubber foam
  • Midsole – Soft foam
  • Upper construction – Cleatie Silhouette
  • Lightweight 

Nike has quite a record of producing lightweight shoes and their athletic trainer shoes have come out as top commodity. Although shoes are cited as running shoes, there isn’t a single thing that can prevent them from being used in gyms.  Shoes fulfil the requirements of ideal crossfit shoes despite being called running shoes.

Rubber foam outsole is featured in this TR 8 shoes. This outsole is consistent and runs through all of the shoes. Some deep cuts are engraved over the outsole to enhance the grip of the shoe. Since the outsole uses rubber foam, you get a decent amount of shock-absorbing characteristic. The outsole is designed by keeping wearing of shoes in mind. As shoes are expected to be used in heavy workouts, they will undergo a lot of stress. In order to prevent wearing off of the shoe, an extra layer of rubber is provided. This layer is applied in areas that make frequent contact with the surface. 

Upper of the shoe uses a Cleats Silhouette. This kind of design supports quick removal as well as putting on the shoe. Mesh is employed over the upper of the shoe with which breathability is enhanced. In addition to ventilation, it also improves the durability of the shoe. 

The inside of the shoe is pretty smooth and you won’t be irritated as you go through heavy training. Thanks to the inner-sleeve which is soft, you won’t feel any harshness on the upper part of your foot. A padded collar is provisioned for securing your foot. It ensures that the shoe doesn’t fit tight as well as not too loose. Also, it ensures that there’s no rubbing of the ankle. 

The Midsole uses foam and gives a very soothing feeling to the feet. This disregards most of the discomfort causing factors from the shoe. In conclusion, midsole, outsole and upper possess some good features and support shoes in vigorous training sessions. It is a great buy if you are looking for multipurpose shoes as they can be used for running and workout. 

4. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross Trainer


  • Lots of room for the forefoot.
  • High stability.
  • High stability.


  • Since the shoe is a low drop, there is less cushioning.
  • Outsole – Gum Rubber
  • Midsole – CMEVA
  • Upper construction – Kelver infused mesh
  • Low drop
  • Rope protection

Another feature from Reebok and it is a predecessor of Nano 8.0. We’ve skipped Nano 7.0 because it wasn’t well-received by both users and reviewers but this 6.0 is different. This is by far one of the best crossfit shoes for men.

With an outsole of gum rubber, it protects your feet against shocks and unnatural movements. At the forefoot, there is a razor blade pattern while some lugs are enveloped over the heel. Razor blade pattern ensures additional grip, on the other hand, lugs, give better consistency to the shoe. Midfoot features RopePro technology that does the job of averting abrasion. 

There is a CMEVA midsole in the Nano 6.0 cross-trainer. This scientifically engineered design of the midsole is employed to make sure the shoe is lightweight. In addition to being lightweight, it also possesses shock resistance property. 

A clever infuse mesh is used for the upper of the shoe. Kelver has a somewhat sand-like feel to it and it protects the upper of the shoe against the action of wear and tear. 

Lastly, the shoe employs a Power Launch toe box which is famous for providing a wider toe room. This aspect is important if you are a fast worker. Making quick movements in all directions is sustained with this toe box. A Duragrip layer is also encased over the toe box which protects toes during a light workout. 

5. Reebok ROS Workout TR 2.0 Cross-Trainer-Shoes


  • Variety in colour schemes
  • It has a sturdy base.
  • It is a budget friendly shoe


  • Breaking-in isn’t easy in this.
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Upper construction – Open Mesh
  • Low Drop
  • Midsole – Injection Molded EVA

Crossfit shoes men use during a workout should be capable of withstanding heavy loads. For fulfilment of that aspect, these TR 2.0 CrossFit shoes by Reebok are most suitable. It supports all cross-training activities like rope climbing, Olympic lifting, plyometrics etc. 

The rubber outsole included in the shoe makes the shoe sturdier, thus, in turn, making it durable. The outsole provides optimum traction which allows the shoe to work on multiple surfaces. Its FINN lug pattern helps in gripping the surface consistently and makes sure adhesion remains intact. The outsole also features RopePro technology. This technology is helpful in protecting shoes while performing crossfit activities. 

Upper features an open mesh with a number of holes for proper ventilation. The foot chamber remains cool giving your feet a soothing feeling. Also, the fit of the shoe is firm as it employs conventional lace-up along with padded tongue. 

6. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoes


  • These are pretty comfortable shoes.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • Good response


  • Breathability isn’t good compared to mesh.
  • Outsole – Compound Rubber (TPU and EVA enforced)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper Construction – Synthetic leather
  • Sleek Design

Another running shoe that can be used as crossfit shoes. This time it’s from a well-renowned brand of PUMA. Due to its ability to absorb shocks to a greater extent, it is branded to be used for heavy workout exercises. 

This shoe inherits an outsole made up of rubber compound. Just like other shoes, the rubber outsole offers a pretty solid foundation to the shoe, making it more shock absorbent. There is also the inclusion of thermoplastic urethane in the outsole. This is just an extra provision for protection as CrossFit exercises tend to be more severe. 

The midsole is just similar to our previous shoe, featuring EVA filling. It does a decent job of holding up the shape of a shoe. On the other hand, the upper features synthetic leather. This is actually interesting since most of the shoes use mesh construction for upper for increased breathability. But here PUMA has taken care of the breathability factor by introducing perforations. And with synthetic leather, the shoe gets an amazing look and becomes resistant to abrasion and wear.

7. Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer


  • The shoe remains stable in all kinds of movements
  • It has exceptional gripping.
  • Plenty of breath abilities.


  • The shoe is a bit heavy.
  • Outsole – Rubber (Split-finger design)
  • Midsole – EVA
  • Upper construction – Flexweave 
  • More stability and foot containment

The Nano branch of Reebok has been giving out the best crossfit shoes and the Nano 9 isn’t any different. Split-finger outsole is included in this Nano 9 cross-trainer. This split-finger design is quite helpful as it doesn’t restrict the movement of your toes. This is most suitable for activities like jump rope or squats. Lateral flex is also possible with the help of this exclusive outsole as it gives a lot of freedom to toes. 

An EVA filling is induced in the midsole which actually provides a pretty comfy feel to the shoe. The midsole and outsole make a great stiff and soft combination. This makes the shoe both shock-resistant and solid.

Just like 8.0, this version also features flex weave upper. There is everything you’d expect from an ideal upper in this one. It has enhanced breathability, thus keeping the foot chamber cool most of the time. In addition to that, it makes the shoe highly durable. 

8. Adidas Men’s Quester Flow Track Shoe


  • The shoe works well with sprints due to optimum stability.
  • This is a pretty lightweight shoe.
  • Good provision for protection.


  • The shoe is average looking.
  • Outsole – Blown Rubber
  • Midsole – Cloudfoam
  • Upper construction – Knit Textile
  • Ortholite insole

Adidas is one of the giants in the footwear industry and the Quester Flow track shoe is one of the best crossfit shoes for men. It comes at a very affordable rate and can be used for crossfit training as well as running.

The shoe features a blown rubber outsole. This is pretty similar to your usual outsole with some subtle differences. For instance, this blown rubber offers more traction than usual, providing you additional grip. Also, there is a good amount of rubber at the forefoot which prevents potential chances of injuries.

The cloudfoam midsole in this supports your feet well enough during intense training sessions. The insole used in this is of ortholite. This is quite convenient as its contact with the feet doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

The upper of the shoe features Knit textile which is breathable enough to avoid any uneasiness to the feet. Shoes are true to the size except that the forefoot runs narrow. So if you have wider feet, you should select the size carefully.

9. New Balance Men’s Zante V1 Trainer Shoes


  • Compatible for both days as well as gym use.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • Exceptionally breathable.


  • Lateral support is lacking.
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Midsole – Foam
  • Upper construction – Mesh
  • Integrated webbing for lace-up system

As one of the lightest CrossFit shoes, Zante V1 made waves when it was first released. This well-made shoe excels in major areas and comes at a really affordable rate. 

A traditional rubber outsole makes the shoe solid and sturdy. You can find omnidirectional threads over it which is quite convenient if you prefer better traction. Some grooves are cut on the outsole which adds more grip to the shoe.

It uses the usual mesh for the upper. Mesh is extremely lightweight and flexible which ensures that the foot completely encompasses the shoe. Also since it is mesh, there aren’t any problems with breathability. The fit of the shoe is convenient as you can change it by using a lacing system. Also, a sock-like collar is provisioned so that your foot can go in and out easily. 

Overall the shoe can become a great workout asset for both men and women equally. Also, it is priced at a reasonable rate so you shouldn’t really miss out on this.

10. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V3 Cross-Trainer Shoes


  • This is one of the lightest shoes for crossfit training.
  • Sufficient cushioning.
  • Effective grip.


  • Shoe’s construction isn’t sturdy, meaning that it is difficult to use it for heavy workouts.
  • Outsole – Gum Rubber compound
  • Midsole – Powerflow+
  • Upper Construction – Synthetic and Mesh
  • Indoor Shoe

Inov-8 is impressively producing remarkable shoes and this F-Lite 235 V3 is arguably one of the best crossfit shoes. One of the major reasons for that is its outer construction which involves a combination of synthetic materials and mesh. The hybrid construction eliminates the worries that would arrive if a single type of construction was used. Synthetic material provides good strength and resistance to shoes while mesh makes it breathable.

Inov-8’s popular Powerflow+ technology is equipped in the midsole of the shoe. There aren’t any materialistic details about it, but it works as a great absorbent of shocks. Especially in heel areas that take most of the load while doing crossfit activities. 

It uses gum rubber compound for the outsole and it is spread all the way from forefoot to heel area. This rubber is specially made to last longer on gym surfaces. So it isn’t suitable for shoes to be used outside for activities like running.

How to Choose The Crossfit Shoes For Men – Buying Guide


While opting for cross trainers, you must keep in mind that you are going to use these shoes for heavy workouts. That’s why it is recommended to go for a hard outsole. This might increase the weight of the shoe to some extent but the intention is to not use them for running. That’s why its weight factor shouldn’t hold significant importance. Most of the shoes use a rubber outsole which is convenient but you can go beyond that and choose compound material.


While the outsole is responsible for providing a firm base, insoles are essential for the comfort of your feet. First thing you should ensure is that the insole is removed. So if in any case, the insole isn’t of your liking, you can always replace it. As the ultimate purpose is to provide comfort, insoles should have sufficient cushioning.


Upper of the shoe holds a lot of importance as it acts as a medium for the circulation of air. If there aren’t perforations on upper, the foot chamber will be swarmed with heat, making you uncomfortable. Also, you must ensure that it is flexible and lightweight enough to not further increase the weight of the shoe.


Q. Is there any different requirement for women’s cross-trainer shoes?

No, basic requirements remain the same. The only thing that can vary between men and women would be the style and weight of the shoe.

Q. Who should use crossfit trainers?

People who tend to switch between workouts should use these shoes. As they are designed to be used for heavy training, they are most suitable when you are not sticking to a single workout type.

Q. What characteristics should crossfit shoes possess?

Characteristics mentioned in Buyer’s guide as well as mentioned in reviews should be possessed by an ideal crossfit shoe.


It doesn’t really matter what company you choose. If your crossfit shoes fulfil the requirements of a compatible shoe then you shouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase. You need to select the shoe that excels in every direction. Crossfit activities put some intense pressure on the legs which is why your shoe must be able to withstand that pressure. Furthermore good support, traction and stability are needed to perform all activities without any problem. If we are to mention then you can go for Reebok’s Nano 8.0 as it doesn’t lack in any department. It is the first crossfit shoe on this list and arguably best in the market at the moment. If not, other shoes on the list aren’t bad and possess some great features that result in comfortable crossfit shoes.

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