10 Best Elliptical Machines under $500 | Reviews

Fitness has become the new mantra and now the need for fitness equipment is changing from what it was a decade ago. The elliptical machine is one of the most commonly used fitness equipment in the current times. It is mainly used for burning calories and it is also useful for those having lower body weakness and injuries. There are a number of Best Elliptical Machines which are being designed and added to suit the needs of different users. These come with great features which are of course extremely useful as well. If you choose random machines then there are chances that you may land up with some serious injuries or knee and foot numbness.


There are a number of varieties of the elliptical machines but we will describe the best 10 of them so that it becomes easy for you to choose the most suitable elliptical machine for your needs. An elliptical machine is a motionless machine which is overall much better than the treadmill and or any other products. It suits all those who are exercising by stimulating running, hill climbing or walking. The trend is that most of the people use treadmills but at the current time the elliptical machines are gaining much more importance. They are lighter on the joints and they also allow a better workout to the body. It combines cross-country skiing, stair climbing and running with lower impact and it has a number of other workouts. It is one of the most highly effective training equipment which is available especially for beginners.


There are a number of benefits which are associated with the elliptical machines.

  • It helps you in improving mobility and balance and also helps in regaining the hips motions after ACL surgery. On the basis of the injury level, you can adjust the exercise intensity
  • It allows you to mimic a number of exercises. It allows you to include walking, joggings, running and climbing as well with different levels of intensity and resistance. The heart rate monitor can be used for monitoring the riders heart rate and the speed of machines.
  • With the help of elliptical machines, both your lower and upper body parts get the benefit of the work out in an effective manner. While using the elliptical machine, it helps you to improve bone strength and also the formation.
  • Another advantage is it can adjust in small spaces as well. If you have a small apartment then you don’t need to get worried as it can fit easily in the corner of a room
  • This machine is meant for weight-bearing exercises. It works against gravity at the hip movements; ankles and knees movements go hand in hand. You can strengthen your bones and also prevent osteoporosis which is a condition that makes the bones go weak and become brittle
  • The aerobic capacity gets increased after using the elliptical machines. You will feel more active as well as alert the entire day.

Features to be considered 

There are some important features which you must keep in mind while buying an elliptical machine.

  • Feature to adjust the incline so that different muscle groups can be targeted.
  • Smooth elliptical motion so that you don’t feel any kick or bounce during motion
  • Natural movements so as to reduce the stress on the body
  • The feature of dependent upper body motion
  • A wide range of resistance which can be adjusted as per your needs
  • Forward motions and reverse motions
  • Electronic features
  • Heart rate interactivity feature so that you can adjust the exercise levels
  • Preset and custom program features are important as it would help with the workout. Usually, they come with preset programs but the ability to customize them as per your needs is an important feature

Top 10 Best Elliptical Machines Review:

Best Elliptical Machines Reviews

  1. Sole fitness E95 : Best Elliptical Machine in 2018

Sole fitness E95

  • It is one of the most impressive elliptical machines which you will find. It is overall a good design in terms of comfort and usability.
  • It is heavy in weight which means it can be used by those who are on the heavier side. It comes with the power adjustable strides. The design is stable and cool and it is comfortable to be used. Moreover, it offers a good number of customizations.
  • I would give 8/10 to this machine as it is able to handle a heavy weighted person
  1. Schwinn 430 : Best Elliptical Machine for women under $500

Schwinn 430

  • It is one of value for money products which has been proven to be the best for many people.
  • It offers 22 programs which have been tried and tested amongst which 8 are heart rate control and 2 fitness tests. The two tracks LCD screens are the main attractions and the customization of programs is also possible.
  • I would like to give 9/10 as it has good programs and customization features
  1. ProForm Hybrid Trainer : Budget Elliptical Machine for Everyone!

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

  • If you are in search of a multipurpose trainer then this elliptical machine is the best choice for you. It has a wonderful hybrid design which allows you to make elliptical sessions by sitting and standing.
  • It offers a number of options and gives great flexibility. There are 18 workouts programs available in the trainer. The LCD does not need power connection but needs batteries. Another excellent feature is that you can shift between the modes within seconds
  • I would give 8/10 as it is the budget trainer with great functionality
  1. Horizon fitness EX-57 Elliptical Machine Review By Divya

Horizon fitness EX-57

  • It is the semi- premiums budget trainer which has wonderful design and quality.
  • It has a certain weight limitation but apart from that, it allows you to stand comfortably or pedal. It has an electronic resistance system and you have 8 options from which you can choose. The flywheel looks big but in the long run, it does not make too much sound
  • I would give it 7/10 as it is mid-budget with basic features
  1. Sunny Health and Fitness : Choose this Elliptical Machine for GYM!

Sunny Health & Fitness

  • It is one of the most affordable machines which you can get. It has some of the standard elliptical session and also some basic features.
  • The major advantage of this equipment is that it is the most compact and budget-friendly one. Performance is the area where we can stay that it is very much basic. The overall impact of the workout was less.
  • I would give 6/10 as it is low-performance equipment
  1. Body Rider BRD2000 : Best Elliptical Machine under 500$

Body Rider BRD2000

  • It is a trainer which combines quality with affordability
  • It is of high quality and with a comfortable seat which can be adjusted easily. It does not have many features but it has excellent use of the momentum blades.
  • I would give it 6/10 as it has fewer features but good for those who need sturdily built machines
  1. Exerpeutic 5000 : Stylish & Best Elliptical Machine for Home!

Exerpeutic 5000

  • It is the combination of standard features and affordability
  • It has Bluetooth enabled tracker and you can connect your smartphone and check the real-time information.
  • I would give it 8/10 as it is good for those who need tracking options and better quality
  1. Precor AMT 835 : Rated as 7/10 in Best Elliptical Machine for Men in 2018


Precor AMT 835

  • It has 20 resistance levels and has heart rate sensors.
  • It engages all kind of exercises and all kind of levels of resistance. It can create a low impact workout and allows to create your own customized workout
  • I would give 7/10
  1. Octane fitness ZR8 : For Both Men & Women

Octane fitness ZR8

  • It allows you to walks, jog and runs with an impact on the body
  • It offers you with glutes activation, aluminum legs, quiet operation, cross cut and lots more features
  • I would give it 9/10 as it is effective with good features
  1. Body Slid E300 : Light Weight & Looks Awesome!

Body Slid E300

  • It is the perfect blend of performance stability and it gives you space-efficient products
  • The design is compact and has a low center of gravity which gives you perfect balance feature. It includes dual action with the upper and lower body with the help of hand-grips
  • I would give 9/10 as it is having to balance features


This list of different kinds of elliptical machines for you is to provide you with relevant information so that you can make an informed decision before you make your purchase.

10 Best Elliptical Machines under $500 | Reviews
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