Best Hybrid Bikes 2018 under $500 : Read Reviews before you BUY

From 3500 BC, when the first wheel was invented, the face of transport was about to be revolutionized in a way no one imagined. The German running machine was born in 1817 and gave birth simultaneously to several other thoughts of technical advancements. With the year of the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing,  man’s very best friend from the past needed a breakthrough revolutionization too.

A road bike, mountain bike and touring bike on steroids is what it feels to drift our eyes over the mean running machine. Diverse ridership is fulfilled with the dispersed choice of bikes and the various feature categories. Just like a modular hybrid phone, a bicycle is a simple device with the required additional features.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

The hybrid bike as the name suggests is multi-terrain bike giving the rider the capacity to roll wheels on both land and hilly terrain. This bike can take you where you want to go on the road, in the dirt, through the hills, or up and down mountains.

Characteristics of a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid Bikes

The mainly used bikes by the riders are the Cross and Commuter bikes. While most of us use electric scooters for our daily travel, if we consider a technically advanced section of the society, many of them still prefer Best hybrid bikes for specialized functions. Several conditions play a certain role in making these bikes a journey never to forget about.

For a mass of a lane and a mountain bike, the outcome is a bicycle that’s acceptable for a general-purpose riding over a variety of terrains, the reason why many hybrids inclined to be utilized for commuting.

A point to be kept in mind is that when with a hybrid bike it’s the Jack of all trades yet a master of none. It is similar in cases of a hybrid laptop, a tablet, and a workstation. A road bike proves to be faster and a mountain bike proves to be much performance oriented when off-road.


Simply getting into riding? The speed centered hybrid could be your addiction. Have an awful back? Don’t sweat it. Neither as fit nor as adaptable as you used to be? A high-speed hybrid will give you a chance to keep your speed meanwhile producing significantly more solace.


Performance hybrids are the bikes which are intended to keep their energy intact when streets are not as much as ideal. Performance bikes guarantee that you are in an upright position paying little respect to whether you need to utilize it for an exceptional exercise session or essentially go to the store.


The bikes which prioritize ease and practicality extend an exceptional ride. Simple and usual bike designs make them amazingly stylish.

Types of Hybrid Bikes


They look somewhat old-fashioned and certainly don’t have the appearance of being built for speed.


The hybrid sports bikes are somewhat beyond performance accommodated and are specially designed to prove out to be fast & powerful on various terrains.

How to Choose the Perfect Hybrid Bike Type?

To hit upon the appropriate hybrid bike, you will want to think upon the side of the spectrum which you wish to be on: First thing to be taken into consideration is that a mountain bike which must be capable to ride quickly on pavement. The second thing which fascinates most is that a racing bike which is competent of being taken off-road.

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Best Hybrid Bikes – Check out these Hybrid Bike Reviews before buying!

A recent study showed a number of benefits related to cycling and with no doubt when it comes to your well-being, cycling is one of the best exercises of choice. It is known to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays as well as reduce the signs of aging. Look out the below details of the best hybrid bikes.

1. The Biomega NYC – Best Hybrid Bike 2018

The Biomega NYC

Biomega’s NYC is a good choice for a daily traveler as it contains all the important features like endurance, speed, and stability in one package. The main attraction of this bike includes the simple design that is aesthetically appealing; moreover, the frame is light and well made. Its carbon fiber belt drive system makes it distinguishable from others, which makes it a chain-less bike. These bikes have carbon external belt drives and nightglow forks for extra visibility in the dark. There are two-speed variants i.e. 8-speed variant and an 11-speed variant. These bikes also include Shimano’s disc brakes. Other than its cost, it has no cons.

  • Simple design and light frame
  • Carbon fiber belt drive system
  • Includes Shimano’s disc brakes

2. The Diamondback Insight & clarity – Budget Hybrid Bikes For Everyone!

The Diamondback Insight & clarity

Diamondback bikes are durable. The Diamondback Clarity bike is an awesome hybrid bike for the ladies plus this bike comes with a huge range of bike accessories. The butted metal high functioning frame makes this hybrid bike light and trouble-free to propel. Well, the Shimano shifters also got together with an Acera rear derailleur making this bike very fast. The Diamondback bike is available in a stunning aerodynamic design making the rider of this bike look very flashy. It comprises of Equation wheels that are double-walled for additional care and comfort. The rims are made of aluminum and they spin quite well. This is the highly recommended hybrid bike. It’s hard to find faults as they are proven, performers.

  • Durable hybrid bikes for ladies
  • Butted aluminum frame
  • Aerodynamic design counts upon the looks
  • Shimano shifters make it speedy

3. The Raleigh Cadent &Alysa – Best Hybrid Bikes Under 1000$

The Raleigh Cadent &Alysa

These Best hybrid bikes are designed for both men and women. These bikes feature a frame design with straight bars that greatly improves comfort without sacrificing performance. These are built with a lightweight aluminum frame. These bikes are perfectly suited to both casual roads riding and commuting alike. These bikes have wider tires and thicker frames, making them even more comfortable when riding. These Best hybrid bikes are also highly recommended for commuting as well as fitness purposes.

  • For both men and women
  • Improved comfort
  • Thick frames

4. Schwinn Discover & Discover Women’s – Best Hybrid Bikes For Women

Schwinn Discover & Discover Women’s

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike (700cc) is a high-end brand build with aluminum city frame for women’s comfort. It is ideal for casual biking, for leisure or for commuting. If you are looking for the excellent bike to ride and bond with your husband, the 700cc Schwinn Discover Best hybrid bikes is the best for you. You will enjoy smooth on-road cycling at a great speed.

  • Impressive quality
  • Affordable and practical
  • Works very well with the complete toolset
  • Head Turner
  • Comfortable bike seat
  • The height of the bike
  • Not recommended for off-road riding
  • The fender piece loosens
  • Needs more improvement

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5. Raleigh Redux Hybrid Cycle Reviews By Divya

Raleigh Redux

Raleigh Redux is the bike that will serve as the best choice for you. You could ride the paved routes without even setting up for the complete roadie look. For a dashing bike rider who rides dirt, the gigantic frustration will pinch him when the trails get wet and are closed due to the weather. With Raleigh Redux the biker will be able to scratch the pedaling itch and ride around the neighborhood with no longer the need to wear nylon.

  • Simple and Sleek
  • Perfect matte finish (black frame)
  • 1 x setup
  • Basic & always easy to maintain
  • Mountain bike feels like no roadie looks.
  • Mechanical Tecktro brakes
  • Bash guard is plain, too plain
  • Grips slip right off
  • 1 x 8 group set need to be upgraded
  • One step closer to being a roadie
  • It’s a bit heavy at 27 Lbs (med)

6. Viva Juliett – For Women

Viva Juliett

The Viva Juliett’s swoopy lines make it easy to step aboard no matter what you are wearing while also giving the bike a refined but casual appearance. It’s equally suited for riding to work in midtown. The Juliett is the original Viva model, described as pure elegance for the sophisticated lady. The viva Juliett is all class. The classic bike features, the mudguards, and the panniers make it more sturdy as well as practical and stylish for the ladies of the town.

  • Simple but elegant
  • As functional as it is fashionable
  • Integrated rack, fender, kickstand and a bell
  • Comes with your choice of the hub (3-speed or 7-speed)
  • It’s heavy
  • Geared for hills

7. Vilano Diverse 3.0 – Review

Vilano Diverse 3.0

Vilano is the one which has to count while picking up the top listed hybrid bikes. This brand offers very durable Shimano components and you have to choose this bike for rough streets. This is a perfect road bike known for its high speed and speed Shimano speed brakes.

  • It has a very good accelerator that promotes speed
  • Perfect brakes to match its speed limit

8. Schwinn Sports 3 women Hybrid bike

Schwinn Sports 3 women Hybrid bike

Schwinn bikes have the best-designed pattern with a look of class. This bike for women has a patterned design and is made to suit urban riding style with 21 speeds with a back-end derailed and alloy linear pull brakes.

  • Perfect bike for women
  • Excellent speed capacity
  • Classic look
  • It gives the rider a modest look

9. 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Bike

700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Bike

This bike is designed to be sturdy and has quite a balance on the road. Roadmaster is the hybrid bike which offers you the maximum comfort and lots of versatilities. This hybrid bike will act sturdy whenever you are riding pavements or light paths.

  • Alloy wheels to provide durability
  • 7- Speed shifters
  • For athlete riding, offers a wide gear range
  • Too heavy

10. Viva legato 7 city bike

Viva legato 7 city bike

Viva legato is the hybrid bike you would surely desire to ride. It offers you the simplicity on just two wheels. It is a standard model for single-speed with a highly practical usability feature for daily commuters. The designs are quite stylish with excellent grips and tires for firmness on the road

  • It has the perfect wheels for a ride around the city during any weather condition
  • It is known for its high speed and balance
  • The design is quite elaborate
  • Quite an expensive model and not for people on a budget


What strikes the most is that the Best hybrid bikes are available in a diverse specialty and possesses characteristics in its awesome quality and stunning model design. You get to pick the best which is not only designed for speed but also for your comfort and style.

Best Hybrid Bikes 2018 under $500 : Read Reviews before you BUY
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