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Men since time immemorial have invented things that will keep him healthy. With the successive invention of fire, metallic application and much alter the science, men slowly invented things and wonders that made his life comfortable and secure. But with this modern amenities came some side effects. Men like natural-being slowly depended upon the instant features which led them to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

The Requirement For The Inversion Table And the Way it Works

They did not have time to invest separately in health and exercising So, the fitness experts and inventors started developing fitness equipment specially designed for particular posture. This equipment not only helped in the buildup of strength but also focused on correcting any kind of position and disorders anyone is suffering from. One such apparatus for building up the intensity and health is Inversion Table.

Inversion Table is an assortment like a four-legged table that is used for the inversion therapy which could be turned upside down. A person lying on the table will be inverted from the current position automatically by a system of the lever. Modern inversion tables are coming up with an adjustable electrically powered button that will regulate the power of inversion. Coming back to the process it gradually keeps on turning until your head is upside down and your legs are upwards.

 inversion table

Always keep Some Crucial Points in Mind for Your Safety and Health

An inversion table is an answer to all your health-related problems arising due to bone related or blood circulation related issues.

  • Every medical equipment comes up with FDA or other recognized medical or fitness association clearance. Same is for inversion table too. Before buying, does a thorough research if the product is approved and cleared by the registered association or not.
  • Now apart from the comparison, you need to keep in mind that the functioning of the inversion table depends upon three parts of the assortment- the A-frame connector, rotating lying bed and roller hinge.
  • Take a good look at the A handle if it is designed for extra stretch can adjust itself in case of an emergency.
  • In the ankle part, take a look at if the handle is extended or not. It is recommended to have an extended handle that can help to bend up your ankle safely and securely.
  • The bedstead should be comfortable and smooth not causing any kind of discomfort.
  • Lastly, the product must have the automatically lock hinges that will prevent the separation of the bed while you are doing the exercises.
  • Always look for a product that will provide you with at least five years warranty. Such kind of safety products must also come up with a more extended warranty than the standard other products as it involves your whole body mass.
  • Last but not the least, you must compare various kinds of products that are given below and see what suits your requirement.

The Reasons you Need Inversion Table in your ‘Garage Gym.’

Now take a look at the benefits that are involved in doing an inversion therapy with an inversion table. They are:

  • Spending a few minutes on the inversion table will help you to elongate the muscular tissue and ease the joint pain that plagues you after a substantial activity. The players who are playing tennis or golf will get ample of benefit from it.
  • For maintaining the correct body posture and height, the inversion table is probably one of the best alternatives. Spinal compression occurs when a person wakes up from the sleep for which the body height decreases from 3 to 4 inches. By reversing your body and stretching it against gravity, inversion table stretches up your body.
  • The waste product that is accumulated at the lymphatic system could be efficiently eliminated by reversing your body in the inversion table. It effectively removes all the lactic acids and other digestive ailments causing juices.
  • Last but one of the focal points is, for all the sciatic patients, it is vital to note that session on the inverse table will help to circulate your blood and body fluids in reverse direction that will help in decongestion of the blood circulation and every part of the body

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Best Inversion Table without Compromising with your Health Demand

Now the time has come to choose three best inversion tables right now open in the market. Detailed specifications and reviews are also given that will help you to make a crucial decision before the purchase. Also, measure the pro’s and con’s that is given and then you can go for the purchase. Take your pick!

1. EP-560 Teeter Inversion Table

EP-560 Teeter Inversion Table

This is the best one from the house of Comfort track; this one could be your best bargain in the department of the fitness. With the pressure regulator and the excellent base material, you can indeed opt for the product. Take a look at some of its mind-blowing features.

  • The steel parts and the base material are made up of gauged heavy steel.
  • The ankle cups are patented and could be wrapped around the ankles.
  • The ankle cups are made up of foam.
  • The hinges could be automatically gauges for preventing sudden disconnection.
  • There are locks for a cam that you can lock up when you are not using it.
  • The weight of the product is 30 lbs.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The bed surface is contoured with grips for the hands for extra relief and stretch.
  • Durability is guaranteed with specialized pivot bearings.
  • Approved by FDA and UL.
  • Body weight could be altered easily by just movement of the arm, and you can quickly return to a straight and reasonable position.


  • Materials are made from the heavily gauges steel ensuring full strength and longevity.
  • The table has the feature of height adjustment helping people from 4 ft. to 6.7 ft. to quickly adjust in it.
  • The product is one of the few that is cleared by both UL and FDA for relieving multiple body disorder like spinal stenosis, muscular cramps and tensions, back pain, sciatica and spinal dysfunction, blood circulation and many more.
  • You can attach numerous accessories to the table for your own benefit.
  • The bed surface is so contoured and smooth that you will feel relief after a painful day.
  • The automatically gauged hinges will prevent any kind of unwanted accidents due to detachment of the table from the frame.


Nothing much with some user want more grip on the handle. That is it.

From all the above points and after a massive usage, you can feel that you have made the perfect purchase to serve your purpose. The whole set up is not complicated the light, and stable mixture of the base is ideal for the ay kind of exercise for all the joint or circulatory disorder. After a hard day of sporting activity, it’s genuinely a worth one.

2.  Innova ITM4800 A Massage Inversion Table

Innova ITM4800 A Massage Inversion Table

Indulge in the unmatched comfort of the warm therapy in one of the most popular inversion table that not only provides the ease regarding both the circulation and the massage therapy. The main feature that makes it stand out from the crowd is its adjustable mode of massage vibration and treatment. Some other features are:

  • Firstly you are getting a flexible pad of lumber that will help you to adjust your length of the body.
  • The pin system is adjustable with all kinds of facilities involving the five types of position. The pin system also provides secure and covered efficiently straps that will help you to get a firm grip on the entire bed.
  • The headrest is adjustable, and you can also get the backrest comfort pad.
  • The weight of the whole assortment in 300 lbs.
  • The massage pad is multi-mode, which are you can select the various speed and mode of massage that will provide you relief and comfort apart from the circulation and anti-gravity therapy.
  • The handlebars are made up of comfortable foam.
  • The Ankle system of holding is ergonomic.


  • One of a kind thing that will help you to relax under soothingly vibrating mode and you can also adjust the vibrating style.
  • The massage therapy ensures better blood circulation and pain relief. The height is adjustable.
  • The bed surface is soft and comfortable.
  • You can even adjust the backrest and headrest which is a unique thing in the inversion table.
  • The pin system that will help you to adjust the handle and also help you to invert within a blink.


  • You only need to get down dismounting the whole assortment under the inversion table.
  • Only one year warranty.

For someone who is suffering from back pain for a long time, this could be the perfect problem solver. Apart from the super adjusting feature that can accommodate a person of any weight of height, you can also rejoice by the fact that you will be enjoying the session of masseur right in your home.

3. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

Yet another best from the house of COMFORT Trek, this super assortment is your answer to all your woos regarding the assembling an inversion table at your home front. Equipped with some of the most innovative features of massage and acupuncture, this one is also for all the severe patients with the joint disorder.

  • The lock handle of the ankle is extended ensuring a comfortable grip. Handles such as handles for traction and stretch extra-long handles give maximum capacity to hold up everything.
  • The unique feature of the acupuncture helps you with the acupuncture therapy.
  • The rotation angle is very flexible and separate knobs are there for the rotation of the handle to 40, 20 and 60 degrees very quickly.
  • The ergonomically designed and fit ankle cups that could wrap around the angles securely.
  • The hinges are automatically locked that will provide comfortable support and prevents accidental detachment.
  • Various nodes of vibration for massage therapy.
  • The arm movements that will help you up with the changing the position just by moving the arms.
  • The heavily gauging steel fore altruistic durability.


  • Long durability.
  • Way to go with innovation in the field of acupuncture and massage therapy.
  • FDA and UL certified ensuring recommendation from the revered medical organization.
  • Five years warranty is guaranteeing you of extended lasting safety.
  • Hinges and auto rotation that will help you to adjust and rotate by your choice.


  • Assembling guide is bit complicated and hard to understand.
  • Not very color variations are available.

Going by the product, it is readily accepted that within your package and your demand, this one can best suit the purpose that will help you to get up and run after a painful day, just with a short session with the assortment.

Best Inversion Table 2018 | Affordable under 100$
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