8 Best Mini Exercise Bikes 2020 Reviews 

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You say you don’t have time to go to the gym but what if we bring the gym to you? The invention of mini bikes is no less than a blessing to the people who have thought of starting to work out for ages now but couldn’t. People who have desk jobs complain that they are sitting all day in front of their computers which is bad for their health. With these mini bikes, you can sit at your desk and work out at your chosen intensity. Sounds great, right? Exercise mini bikes are designed in such a way that they can fit under your desk easily and function efficiently. You just have to paddle with your legs or your arms. Studies show that 20 minutes of paddling every day can really help in toning your arms and legs. Not only this, but you can also improve your stamina and strength by exercising your upper and lower body. 

These machines are great for people who have medical conditions and need physiotherapy. Be it your busy schedule or bad weather, now nothing will stop you from working out. Let’s have a look at the best mini exercise bikes and their features. 

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1. Sunny Health and Fitness mini bike


  • Easy to use
  • Well added.


  • Pedal height can be bothersome.
  • Dimensions: 22L*18W*14H inches.
  • Weight- 21 Lbs.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B0418 is the best product in our list because it offers amazing features to the buyers. This arms and legs exerciser has advanced technology and it has traits to maximize your comfort. There are eight levels of resistance in this mini bike and you can turn it to high or low according to your comfort. The design of this magnetic mini bike is impressive as it is simple and it looks like a vacuum cleaner. The display system shows you the distance, time, speed, calories that you have burned and ODM. Sunny fitness bike allots you the efficiency of being noise-free at the time of working out.

More than that the pedals of this mini exercise bike make sure to maintain the right grip so that you never suffer slippery issues while pedaling it with force, The inclusion of the handle on the front side contributes to the major portability. 

2. Deskcycle Desk Exercise Mini Bike


  • Low pedal height.
  • Eight resistance levels.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • Wide front leg.
  • Security slot for your convenience.

Deskcycle mini bikes are one of the best sellers in the market and have successfully managed to be in the top products for a long time now. From its design to its functioning, every feature of this mini bike will capture your attention. 

What makes this product the best among all is its design. The pedal height is just 10 inches so that this mini bike can fit literally everywhere. You can keep it under your work desk or in your room under your study desk as long as the desk is 27 inches or more.

The functioning of this mini bike is smooth and quiet as it comes with magnetic resistance so that no gets disturbed with its noise. The resistance range is quite high for letting you choose the intensity of the workout that you want. This mini bike has eight levels of resistance which makes it easier to turn it low or high as you wish. There is an LCD display that shows time, distance, speed, and scan which allows you to keep a record of your workout. There is also an online calculator on the official website of Deskcycle that helps you in checking the calories you have burned.

3. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler


  • Light in weight.
  • Quiet and smooth.


  • Basic design.
  • 7 pounds weight for your utmost ease.
  • Entirely portable.

Drive Medical Deluxe exercise bike is a basic product but it comes with quite some great features. For buyers who want a mini bike on a low budget, this one is definitely going to work out for you. This mini bike is extremely light in weight which makes it portable and you can take it anywhere with you, even on vacations. Drive medical deluxe folding exercise peddler does not have a lot of extra features and it is quite a simple machine for people who want to do a casual workout and can invest in this one. This machine has an LCD display which will show you Revolution per minute, time, calories you have burned and also has a scan feature. 

 The feet of the machine offer anti-slip rubber pads to maintain the stability of the machine and prevent your arms or feet from slipping causing your injuries. The resistance is adjustable and you can tighten the knob for increasing it and vice versa. This product is pretty great for improving your muscle strength, circulation, and stamina. Another great feature of this mini bike is that it is one of the cheapest products available in the market. It is a foldable machine as the legs of the product can be adjusted so you can fit it anywhere when your workout is done. 

4. Vive Pedal Exerciser


  • Compact
  • Well designed.


  • None, but the assembling can be confusing for some people.
  • LCD display for tracking the distance and calories.
  • Occupied with one-touch technology.

Vive Pedal Exerciser is another great mini bike for the work out of your arms and legs. What fascinates buyers the most about this product is that it is really compact but has all the advanced features. This machine comes almost assembled, you just have to fix a tension knob and there is a detailed setup guide to eliminate confusion. The design of this mini bike is compact and is 9 inches in height so you can keep this bike anywhere. The legs of the machine are anti-slippery and are designed keeping in mind every type of flooring. So no matter how intense your workout is, this mini bike will still provide great stability. The pedals have an anti-slippery surface too and come with adjustable loops to maximize convenience and comfort. You can change the resistance according to your wish, lower for casual workout and higher resistance for intense workouts. 

5. Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser


  • Light in weight.
  • Pre-assembled.


  • No extra features.
  • Single chrome construction.
  • Anti slippery pedals.

Vaunn mini exercise bikes have really basic features and are not made for intense workouts. However, the mini bike functions great and is definitely worth a shot for all the beginners. Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser is a simple machine and is suitable for people who have to work out due to medical reasons. For instance, if you are healing from the leg or arm injury and you need to exercise then this mini bike will be perfect for you. 

 You don’t need to assemble anything as the product comes in a fully ready to use condition. The size is compact, easy to fold and travel friendly as it will not take a lot of your space. The product is light in weight but still provides stability. This mini bike comes with an LCD screen that shows revolution per minute, speed, distance, time and calories burned. 

Overall, this is a fundamental machine for people who do not go for intense workouts.

6. Himaly Under Desk Mini Exercise Bike


  • Commendable for physiotherapy.
  • Affordable.


  • You have to assemble the machine yourself.
  • Adjustable tension knob.
  • Non-skid feet pad.

Himaly Under desk mini exercise bike is the all in one package as it is affordable and also provides all the latest features. From professionals to beginners, everyone trusts this product and you should totally consider buying this one. This under-desk mini bike is used for exercising arms and legs and helps in improving circulation, stamina as well as strength of the upper and lower body. 

The dimensions of Himaly under desk mini bike are 43*32*20 centimeters and weighs 8 lbs. The compact size and lightweight feature of this machine attracts buyers as you can carry it anywhere with you without any difficulty. The resistance can be varied and as your stamina keeps on increasing with exercising regularly, you can start working with higher resistance. There is an LCD display inbuilt in the machine which displays time, distance, speed and the calories you have burned which will give you a clear idea of your workout routine. However, the machine does not come fully assembled and you have to do it yourself but that is quite an easy process. The feet and pedals of this mini bike are anti-slippery to avoid any unwanted experiences. 

7. Platinum Fitness Folding Pedal Exerciser


  • Smooth operation controllers.
  • It takes less space.


  • A little expensive.
  • Adjustable anchor straps.
  • Five function exercise indicators.

This mini bike has all the dreamy features and if you are inclined towards the higher-end side of products then Platinum fitness bike will be a real catch for you. Platinum Fitness folding Pearl exerciser is one of the most sought after exercisers in the market because of its amazing features. You can use it for toning both your arms and legs and get back in shape with the help of this mini bike. It comes with an LCD display which shows the time you have been exercising for, revolution count, revolution per minute and also the calories you have burned. 

Respective products have introduced new cool rev technology that does not heat up the machine no matter how intense your workout is. The mini bike is light in weight, foldable, you can carry it with you and store it anywhere as it will not consume much space. It comes fully assembled so you don’t have to do anything extra, just start working out.  This product is available in quite some colors so you will have a variety to choose from. The dimensions are 13.75*17.25*15 inches and it weighs 6.9 pounds. 

8. Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser


  • Quick cleaning.
  • Compact in size.


  • Not for intense workouts.
  • Rust Resistance.
  • Anti-skid base.

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser is best suitable for buyers who need to exercise their arms and legs for medical reasons and want to indulge in physiotherapy. The mini bike is really helpful to people who need to work out but have certain health issues. This machine provides gentle exercising to improve your blood circulation. The mini bike is constructed with a single strong chrome frame construction that provides top-notch safety and stability. When a multi-piece structure is made with screws and stuff, then the machine often becomes shaky after a certain period of time, but this will not be an issue in this Vaunn Medical pedal exercise. This exercise will be stable at all types of flooring and the pedals have an anti-slippery surface that provides a nice grip. Since it is made up of triple-layered chrome-plated heavy-duty steel, this product will go a long way with you without getting rust on the surface. The dimensions are as follows: 21*15.8*11.8 inches and it weighs 3.8 pounds. As the machine is so light in weight, it can be carried anywhere and kept at your home as well as your workplace. 

Buying Guide 


  • There are several factors that you should consider before investing in a particular product. 
  • The mini bike should be compact in size because that is the whole point of buying a “mini bike.” It should be easily in the minimum space available. 
  • The product should be light in weight and foldable so that you can easily move it by yourself. Travel-friendly products are always better as you can carry them on vacations. 
  • It would be feasible for you if there are multiple resistance levels so that you can choose one according to your workout, whether you want to keep it intense or casual. Also, LCD screens are a necessity as they tell you about your productivity. 
  • The mini bike should have anti-slippery pads on the pedals as well as the feet of the machine to ensure safety. Adjustable Anchor straps will be a bonus as they provide a nice grip. 

Advantages of getting a mini exercise bike 


  • With these advanced technology mini exercise bikes, you can exercise your arms as well as your legs on a single machine. You don’t have to invest in multiple machines to tone your arms and legs, just this mini bike will be enough. 
  • These mini bikes are designed keeping in mind that they should be able to fit anywhere. From your workplace to your home, you can keep it under your desk and work out as soon as you get time. 
  • Most of the machines are smooth and quiet while functioning so it is easy for you to work out without disturbing anyone around you. 
  • The design of these machines is quite basic and you can work on it easily. From intense workouts to low strength exercises for physiotherapy, you can use minibikes for multipurpose.


  • What are the main types of mini exercise bikes

Mini Exercise Bikes are mainly of three types- recumbent, upright and spin bikes.

  •  What should be the accurate speed of my bike

There are no set rules according to speed, you can make it according to your comfort or you can refer to the user manual of your mini exercise bike.

  • How frequent shall I use my mini exercise bike

It’s up to you, if you want fast results to use it on daily or if you just wish to maintain the shape you can use it thrice in a week,

  • How to do the maintenance of a mini exercise bike

It is really easy to do the maintenance of your mini exercise bike. Try oiling it occasionally, wipe away the dust on a daily basis and in case of being slippery you can change the footpads of your mini exercise bike.

Final Verdict

Mini exercise bikes are really beneficial in many ways for everyone. You can get in shape again and maintain yourself with the help of these machines. Bring this ritual in your routine and see how your legs and arms will start shedding their fat, increasing your stamina as well as muscle strength. Now that you are aware of the benefits of this mini bike, you should definitely invest in one and enjoy its benefits. 

Compare different products and their features and see which one suits your needs the best. If you need an exercise peddler for medical reasons do consult your doctor before buying any product. 

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