Top 10 Best Road Bikes of 2020 – Detailed Reviews

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Road bikes are those bicycles that are specially designed and built to allow the bicycle rider to travel on paved roads with speed. Some people commonly referred to the road bikes as racing bicycles. They are specially built for endurance and for riding at faster speeds when compared to normal bicycles.  They also feature more gear combinations and Hi-tech racing features. There are several different types of road bikes available on the market and each of them has a slight difference is either in the designs or in the performance and functionality.

These types of road bikes are race bikes, sportive bikes, aero bikes, commuter bikes, touring bikes, Triathlon bikes, Hybrid bikes,  utility bikes, recumbent bike, vintage Road bikes, and the fitness bikes or the flat bar road bike. The utility bike is commonly known as the Roadster bike in the UK and it is used for basic use and running of errands in and out of the streets of cities and towns as well as for grocery shopping. While the touring bicycles are much more comfortable and road bikes come handy when it comes to traveling long distances as well as suitable for carrying heavy loads.

The road bike has tires that are narrow and capable of exerting high pressure which enables the user to lessen its resistance against rolling. On the road, the rider can easily lean forward due to its bent handlebars.  This enables the rider to go faster by reducing the air resistance as the forward vertical cross-sectional area is reduced. The most commonly used gear in the road bikes is the derailleur gears, along with disc brakes or rim brakes.

Benefits of Road Bikes:

  • Road bikes come with several useful benefits when compared to ordinary bicycles. The following are the various benefits of road bicycles, which make it one of the most popular choices for bike riders and adventurists who desire to go exploring different places on their bikes.
  • Road bikes are much lighter in order to afford the user an increase in speed as well as swift movements during rides.
  • Road bikes are capable of absorbing left pedal energy; instead, this energy is utilized to move you forward at a much faster pace.  These bikes are more rigid and less flexible.
  • Road bikes are capable of less suspension and hence are more suitable for mountain rides.
  • Road bikes feature higher combination gears as well as hi-tech racing features.
  • Road bikes feature narrow antenna tires that reduce the friction and enables lesser contact with the road, which in its absence would actually slow down the forward propelling of the bicycle.
  • Apart from this, road bikes also feature high-pressure tires that ensure lesser squishing on the road and reduces the use of energy exerted by the tires on the road.
  • The Special design of the road bikes ensures that there is lesser resistance against the wind as it ensures that you are placed in an Aerodynamic position during your bike ride.

Factors to keep in mind while Buying the Road Bikes:

The following are the features one should keep in mind while buying your road bike:

  • Size and fit:

Road bikes are specially built and designed for efficiency and performance. To enjoy the most of your road bike you need to make sure that the size is right as well as the main measurements and the size of the frame are suitable for the performance standards that you require from the road bike.

  • The material of the frame used:

Some of the most commonly used materials on road bikes are Carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel.  Steel absorbs most of the bumps that occur while riding on rough roads. Steel is easy to write and work with,  while aluminum offers excellent strength and stiffness to the road bike. Carbon fiber is the most commonly used material in road bikes that specially designed for racing and other competitive activities.

  • Fork material:

Road bikes specially designed with rigid forks as they do not possess suspensions. Generally, the Forks of the front wheel of the road bicycle is rigidly placed and always has to be in position. Good quality fork material ensures precise and accurate steering of the road bike.

Best Road Bikes of 2020 – 10 Bikes For You!

We listed the top 10 Best Road bikes in the year 2018. You can go through the list and select the one which suits you the best. And Don’t forget to tell us in the comments about your choice! Happy Biking 😀

1. 3T Strada: Top of the list

The all-new 3T Strada is a bike that captures the attention of onlookers and impressive the rider with its breathtaking speed and smoothness as well as affording complete balance over the bicycle. It gets a 9/10 as it comes with a unique design, topnotch gearing, balanced disc brake, and stupendous speed. It is one of the most exciting bike rides available on the market with offered prices. This bike has the highest rankings, for those who are looking for a reasonably priced bike packed with impressive features and speed.

2. Colnago concept: Best Design & Style

The Colnago concept is one firm ride and a rigid framework. It is the perfect bike for those of you who have an insurable appetite for racing and speed.  It gets an 8/10 as it is perfect for all terrains and quick-paced Ventures like speeding on descents, climbs, uphill and rugged roads. It is also one of the most preferred bikes as it maintains balance, adequate comfort, and composter when the tires of the bike encounter rough road surfaces.

3. Merida reaction: Best Road Bike for the Price

Merida reaction

The Merida reactor road bike is one amazing bike known for its Aerodynamic efficiency and high-speed performance. This road bike gets a 7/10 as its tires are slimmer and ensure that you stay well connected with the seat while speeding on different terrains. It is specially designed to propel you forward at a much faster pace.

4. Boardman Elite air: Cheap & Best Road Bike in the List!

If you are looking for impressive performance along with fast speeds and good specifications, then the Boardman elite air road bike is a great package. It gets a 6/10 as it responds well to all of your movements and pressure exerted. However, its brakes do not respond all that well, while its components require an upgrade to get the best out of its performance. However, if you are looking for a bike for a high-speed bike for a triathlon, time trialing and racing, then this is the bike for you.

5. Storck Aerfast Platinum:

The Storck Aerfast Platinum is a very expensive bike but it is well worth your investment. It is a race weapon offering you complete control and comfort when compared to several other Road bikes. This road bike gets a 9/10 as you can watch the increase of speed on the Garmin display of the bike.

6. Ridley Noah SL: High Speed Road Bike!

Ridley Noah SL

The Ridley Noah SL road bike is one of the most preferred bikes to buy racing enthusiasts for it especially designed mount disk calipers that do not adversely affect the aerodynamics of this road bike. Some of the special speed and dancing Aerodynamic features possessed by the Ridley Noah SL road bike are its f split fork, f surface Plus, aerofoil profile, smooth grooves that ensure the smooth flowing of air over the surface.

7. Pinarello Dogma F10:

Pinarello dogma F10

The Pinarello dogma F10 road bike features an impressive framework and fork. It was specially developed in collaboration with Team Sky. This road bike gained popularity after Chris Froome won his Tour de France 2017 With the Pinarello dogma F10. It is one of the most reliable, trusted & Best Road bikes with its special Kamm tail.  This bike gets a 9/10 as the down tube of the Pinarello dogma F10  is well shaped so that you can mount a water bottle without slowing down your speed as well as the Aerodynamic performance.

8. Canyon road CF SLX Road Bike Review:

Canyon road CF SLX:

The Canyon road CF SLX road bike has been inspired by the design and performance of the speed time Trial Bike. This bike features aero tube profiles which are razor sharp, the handlebars are low bent and made up of one piece. This Road bike gets an 8/10 as it reduces the drag with its narrow hard glass shaped head tube, seat tube that offers complete control over the rear wheel.

9. Scott foil:

Scott foil

The Scott Foil road bike has revolutionized the Aerodynamic designs by introducing it on regular Road bikes. It features a fork crown, internal seat clamp, and small rear Triangle. This road bike gained popularity after Matthew Heyman won the Paris Roubaix race in the year 2016. This road bike gets a 7/10 as its manufacturers proudly state that if you slow down the speed of the bike, you can actually be prepared at a much faster rate. And we list this as one of Top & Best road Bike in the Budget you are looking for!

10. Trek Madone 9 series:

Trek Madone 9 series

The Trek Madone9 series is known for being lightweight all around and it has undergone a complete Aerodynamic makeover. This road bike gets a 7/8 due to its special features of the Iso speed decoupler and Kamm tail shaped tubes, which offer additional comfort. It balances and integrates with a fork and seat stays with its special brake calipers.

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