Best Running Shoes for Men (2020) – Reviews

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What is a better way to start your day than heading out on the less-explored trails for a run? And to make your rendezvous with nature memorable, various brands have come up with the best running shoes for men. These shoes are meant to accompany you on the roughest of the trails so that you have the thrill of your lifetime.

Here, we are going to take you through some of the most popular models of running shoes out there which will provide you with utmost comfort while you embark upon the toughest of mileage runs.

Guide to Select the Best Running Shoes for Men:

Before proceeding towards which are the current trendsetters amongst the running shoes, here’s your guide to what to look for in a good running shoe.

  • Breathable upper
  • Superior traction
  • Motion control
  • Flexibility and sturdiness where needed
  • Sole cushioning for the much-needed bounce
  • Easy lacing
  • Light-weight
  • Night time reflexivity
  • A soft-rubber built

List of Best Running Shoes for Men in 2020:

Now that you know what makes a pair of shoes best running shoes for men, here are our top picks:

1. Gel-Venture 6 by ASICS

Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes for Men by ASICS

When it comes to topping the charts, ASICS knows its way well. So do the best-in-class running shoes by ASICS. Gel Venture 6 is crafted by the designers at ASICS keeping in mind all the requirements of an athlete or runner who will put them to continuous use.

  • The upper is built up of breathable mesh to provide moisture control and protect your feet from infections and allergies of any kind.
  • The rear foot gel cushioning absorbs the shock and impact.
  • The shoes have a removable sockliner which can be replaced by a medical orthotic if required.
  • Excellent uphill and downhill traction facilitated by reverse lugs.
  • ASICS High Abrasion Rubber is placed strategically to enhance the durability of the shoe.

The Gel Venture 6 is known for its great fit, protection, and comfort, making it a hit amongst the runners across the globe. We believe that Gel Venture will come up to all your expectations on the trail, therefore, we rate it 10/10.

2. Free RN by NIKE

Free RN Running Shoes for Men by NIKE are, without a doubt, exceptionally well crafted running shoes that come in a package of style, durability, and comfort. They offer a secure fit like no other shoe out there. The features which will make you want to treat yourself with them right away are:

  • The upper is built by knitting high-quality upper mesh for better breathability and flexibility of the feet. The mesh is designed to securely fit your feet for the comfort of the feet.
  • The design is a classic NIKE sneaker look, which you can sport in and out, all year round.
  • The foam outsole provides flexibility and bounce and the rubber toe and heel support protect your feet during transitions.
  • The characteristic NIKE Free Sole expands and contracts to mimic the movement of the feet as they move.
  • The Flywire cables are made up of synthetic material, are strong and elastic to compliment the lacing well, giving you the secure fit you were looking for.
  • A portion of lacing has been removed from the top to avoid distraction when bending the feet while running.
  • The rounded heel rolls with the foot as you stride.

Giving you the comfort and features you were looking for, NIKE Free RN for men is one of the best running shoes for men when it comes to a minimalistic design, deserving no less than a 9/10 from us.

3. GT 1000 5 by ASICS

GT 1000 5 Men’s Running Shoes by ASICS

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” is what ASICS stands for, no wonder brand strives to bring out the best shoes to help the users lead a healthier lifestyle. GT 1000 5 Running Shoes are designed by ASICS with utmost attention paid to the comfort of the runner.

  • The exclusive Gel Technology, featured in all ASICS shoes, helps attenuate the shock and lets you stride effortlessly.
  • The mesh panels on the uppers are made up of strong material which lets your feet breathe. They are also knit to let your feet snug into the shoe comfortably.
  • To protect your feet from traditional blistering and allergies caused due to friction and sweating, the front sole is also mesh knit.
  • For enhanced gait efficiency, Guidance Line Midsole Technology is used.
  • The SpEVA Midsole technology gives the midsole the much-needed support and provides it with a better bounce.

Not only do GT 1000 5 men’s running shoes provide you with comfort and a longer stride, but they also make great companions for different kinds of trails you are planning to embark upon. Hence, we rate them 9/10.

4. Men’s Tanjun Running Sneakers from NIKE

Men’s Tanjun Sneakers from NIKE

The fun and lightweight Tanjun Sneakers from NIKE made it to this list of best running shoes for men because of this simplistic design. ‘Tanjun’ is a Japanese term for simplicity, so are these shoes. The features they boast include:

  • The characteristic ultra-sleek look by NIKE, making them fit for all adventures, day in and day out.
  • Mesh knit upper, letting your feet breathe freely without any fear of blisters or inflammation even after rigorous trail running.
  • Protective foam cushion to give you bounce and flexibility with every stride.
  • Durable midsoles to serve as outsoles whenever required.
  • Lightweight cushioning provided by injected unit sales.
  • Long-lasting comfort and shock absorption with foam midsole and outsole.

If you are about comfort and style while running on the trails, Tanjun Sneakers for Men by NIKE can be your to-go companions, making them an 8/10 for us.

5. Men’s Duramo 6 M Running Shoes by ADIDAS

Men’s Duramo 6 M Running Shoes by ADIDAS

If you are looking for some hard core running, Duramo 6 M Running Shoes by Adidas Performance are made for you. They are sturdy, provide great traction, and are built with great attention to comfort to give you that extra push with every step.

  • The AdiPRENE Cushioning is a patented cushioning provided by Adidas in their shoes. It makes the shoe more comfortable and suited for longer use.
  • The midsole empowers the shoe to shoe to give you the extra bounce you were looking for as you stride.
  • EVA sockliner adds to the comfort offered by the shoe.
  • The upper mesh knitting out of synthetic material lets your feet breath and does not trap the air inside.
  • The protective toe cap and rounded heels also add to the value of the shoe.

Now that you know that it is Duramo by Adidas Performance which is a perfect fit for a trial run, go for it! We rate it a handsome 8/10 for the quality and comfort it offers.

6. ASICS Gel Contented 4

ASICS Gel Contented 4 Running Shoes for Men 

Yet another astonishing pair of running shoes for men from ASICS which make it to our list is Gel Contented 4 Men’s Running Shoes. The sole of these shoes is lined with getting cushioning in the front, rear, and mid, giving the runner the comfort they look for.

  • The rearfoot gel cushioning absorbs all shocks and impact as you run. It allows a smooth transition to midstance.
  • A cooler, healthier, and dryer environment to feet is facilitated by the ComforDry sockliner which is removable in case you want to replace it with a medical orthotic.
  • The rubber sole is soft to provide you with the much-needed flexibility in the right places.
  • The laminate midcage on the upper is strategically placed to provide more support, secure fit, and stability.

All the above features and more make ASICS Gel Contended Running shoes, one of the best running shoes for men, completely worth a 7.5/10.

7. Free RN Flyknit

Free RN Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running Shoes from NIKE

The Free RN Flyknit range of running shoes for men by NIKE is not a mere extension of the Free RN Range, it has a lot more to it.

  • These shoes don’t have to be laced, taking care of one plight of the runners.
  • The foot-hugging upper is built up of synthetic mesh, which is strong and durable, facilitating the flow of air.
  • The Flywire cables are designed to let your foot snug into the shoe as you tighten them. They provide a secure fit and utmost comfort.
  • The incredibly flexible Nike Free sole moves with you as you stride.

With the above features, Free RN Flyknit 2017 Running Shoes for men are the running shoes for men who like to keep it trendy as they hit the roads, making them a 7/10 in our rating.

8. Cloudfoam Race by ADIDAS NEO: Best Brand in Running Shoes

Cloudfoam Race Running Shoes for Men by ADIDAS NEO

Adidas NEO is one division by Adidas which brings you the shoes inspired by what a modern runner would want. They are super-light, trendy, and comfy.

  • The upper is built with breathable knit mesh which makes every stride more comfortable, inspiring you to run an extra mile.
  • For secure traction, as you switch between the toughest of the trails, the shoes boast a Rubber Outsole.
  • For the comfort of your feet, the shoe is lined with Cloudfoam sockliner, which keeps the shoes light and comfy.

As the user experience suggests, Cloudfoam Race Running Shoes from Adidas NEO make you feel like you are walking on the cloud. By no means do they deserve a rating less than 7/10. There you have it! Now it is up to you to decide which shoe to go for and run to your heart’s content.

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