Best Running Shoes for Women Under 100$ in 2020

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An active and healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour and what better way to achieve this than running. It is, certainly, one of the most hassle-free athletic activity which requires no gear other than good quality running shoes. Then again, you might wonder what makes the best running shoes stand apart from the rest. So, read along to know which shoes qualify as the best running shoes for women, and the features which make them better than the rest.

Before you proceed, you should know that the parameters on which running shoes are judged on are a great comfort, superior traction, motion control, sleek design, and breathability. While checking the design of the shoe, it is very important to see if the built is seamless or not, because a seamless design makes sure that your feet do not suffer from the continuous use of the shoes.

List of Best Running Shoes for Women:

Apart from that, it is very important for a running shoe to match up to the flexibility standards of the runner too. They should be sturdy and flexible in the right places. Plus, you must always check out various models before settling for the right one to achieve the perfect fit and comfort.

Here are our top choices for the best running shoes for women which will make you want to run a mile longer!

1. XR Women Running Shoes by Salomon

XR Running Shoes for Women by Salomon

Be it design or comfort, Salomon is one brand which guarantees them all. XR Running shoes from Salomon are one of the most popular shoes out there which are built with superior technology devised by the brand. Below listed features of these shoes will make you want to buy a pair today.

  • To reduce the moisture build-up and sweating in your feet, a mesh design is adapted to form the upper cover of the shoe.
  • Sensifit and Sensiflex technologies by Salomon facilitate excellent motion control.
  • The sole of the shoe is fitted with foamed footbed to save your feet from friction against the sole.
  • The Rugged Contagrip provides the shoes with excellent traction on all trails and road.
  • The Quicklace System, exclusive to Salomon shoes makes them quick to lace and secure on your feet.

2. Women’s Free RN Running Shoes from NIKE

Women’s Free RN Running Shoes from NIKE

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for running, trekking, or a casual get-together, you’ve got your answer in RN Running Shoes for women. Yes, the brand has paid special attention to the design of the shoe, making it a perfect wear for multiple occasions. Then again, they haven’t ignored the expectations of the running enthusiast in you, as the shoe is loaded with the features which will make it your favorite in no time.

  • They are made up of soft and durable rubber. The upper mesh is built with Flywire technology to provide extra support.
  • The modern design of these shoes doesn’t imply that the comfort has been compromised on, these lightweight shoes are Hypoallergenic to protect from blisters or skin issues even after continuous use.
  • The high heel and a sturdy rubber toe protection give the runner more confidence to go on the roughest of the trails.

3. Mission-X 3 W for Women: Best Traning Shoes by Salomon

Mission-X 3 W for men by Salomon

Now, this is one superb running shoe variant by Salomon which gives you the confidence to try various terrains without any hesitation. Salomon ensures superior features in each of its designs so as to never let the expectations of the runners down. The features which embellish the best in class Mission-X 3 W for women are:

  • The superior Quicklace technology makes sure that the Advanced Chassis incorporated in the shoe, holds the sole and the shoe together for maximum comfort.
  • Contagrip provides the sole with a rugged texture, making it fit for all trails which require good traction, even on the wet surfaces, its traction works like wonder!
  • Sensifit Technology allows your feet to snug into the shoes without any hassle and keeps it secure.
  • The padded collar provides additional comfort to the runners.

4. Tanjun Nike Women Running Shoes

Tenjun Running Shoes for Women by NIKE

Well, NIKE is a preferred brand amongst the most famous athletes and sports-enthusiasts, globally. You don’t need a reason to justify this because Tenjun Running Shoes for women are yet another example of the supremacy of NIKE. ‘Tenjun’ means ‘simplicity’ in Japanese, well, no wonder the design of these shoes capture the essence of simplicity at best with the following features:

  • The upper is designed seamlessly with a no-sew technology to make it look ultra-sleek.
  • The air-flow is enabled by the leather upper with pores, enabling your feet to breathe.
  • The rubber sole is soft and flexible where needed to provide comfort. Also, it is strong and sturdy were required to provide support.
  • The shoe becomes even more comfortable with the full-length Air-Sole unit.

5. Gel-Flux 3 by ASIC: Cheap & Best Women Running Shoes

Gel-Flux 3 Running Shoes for Women by ASICS

When speaking of the best running sneakers for women, ASICS is one brand-name which cannot be overlooked, neither can we overlook Gel Flux. Boasting its spectacular looks and the characteristic Rarefoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning, Gel-flux 3 provides comfort like no other shoe.

  • The mid-sole of the shoe is well-cushioned and bouncy, powered by SpEVA. It reduces midsole wear and gives your feet the effortless bounce they need while running.
  • The upper is built with a breathable mesh overlay to keep your feet healthy.
  • The shoe fits the feet comfortably and provides a steady motion on all sorts of trails.
  • For an enhanced gait efficiency, the guidance lines are marked on the shoe.
  • The Midfoot structural integrity is further combined with the gait efficiency by Guidance Trusstic system.

6. Feetmat Ultra-light: Stylish Sports Running Shoes for Girls

Feetmat Ultra-light Running Shoes for Women

Feetmat is a new brand which has established a strong foothold in the global market in little time. If you are looking for a pair of shoes to accompany you for a walk in the park, a workout session at the gym, or a run on the roads, Feetmat has the best shoes for you. The Ultra-Light sneakers by Feetmat for women are, without a doubt, the best pair of running shoes in an affordable price range.

  • The upper mesh material makes the shoes comfortable and allows your feet to breathe.
  • The seamless design, which will make you look stylish no matter where you sport them.
  • The rubber sole has anti-skid grooves to provide you with an excellent grip on the ground and make the shoe lightweight.
  • The sole is made up of great quality rubber making the shoe extremely comfortable and flexible. It is also a superb shock absorbent, making the transition from one plane to another easier.

7. ASICS GT-2000 5: Best Women’s Running Sneaker in 2018

ASICS GT-2000 5 for Women

If you are looking for a companion for higher-mileage running, why opt for anything else but Gt-2000 5 Running Shoes for Women. They are comfortable and stylish with breath-taking features which make them loved running shoes across the world.

  • They have the characteristic Rearfoot and frontfoot Gel Cushioning System which is created by combining gel and foam forming the sole of the shoe. This makes the shoe lightweight, provides rearfoot shock absorption and easily enables easy transition at the front foot.
  • The DuoMAX support system is also unique to ASICS shoes which increases the platform contact for enhanced support and stability.
  • The FluidRIDE midsole enables the runner to bounce back and run without any discomfort. This also reduces midsole wear, enhancing durability.
  • The FuzeGel protects from rarefoot shocks and allows the runner to transit from one terrain to another, easily.

8. ASICS Gel Quantum 180: Best Sports Shoe for Women

ASICS Gel Quantum 180 for Women

Available in trendy shades of Snorkel Blue and White, Gel Quantum 180 is another miraculous pair by ASICS which will make you want to embark on a run right-away!

  • Along with the characteristic rear foot, midsole and front foot Gel cushioning, the shoes have, it is lined with ComforDry X-40 Sockliner to protect your feet from sweating and skin allergies.
  • The shoes are seamlessly built to protect your feet from getting bruised or getting blisters with continuous and vigorous use.
  • The natural heel fit and toe box are designed to let your feet snug into the shoe comfortably. It offers a lot of room for your fingers to spread in the shoe.
  • The Solyte midsole material at the bottom of the midsole ensures durability and enhanced cushioning.


There you have it! The above list of the best running shoes for women has the top choices available to you. You can now go through the features and try them out to see which of these athletic yet peppy running shoes are fit to accompany you to your next running-fiesta.


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