Best Snow Boots for Women in 2020 – Read Reviews Before Buying!

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Boots are women’s all-time favorite stuff when it comes to styling with boots starting from ankle boots to paring up boots with your favorite jeans. But when it’s time for winter and chilling cold around, you should choose your boots judiciously. If you are unable to compromise between styling and comfort during this season, then snow boots are the ideal option. The perfect pair of boots would make the biting cold a little warmer for you. As the term goes, snow boots usually refer to winter boots.

Some eight variety of snow boots have been sorted and categorically highlighted for your convenience. These are typically water-resistant boots that have a thick covering on its side. We will list out 8 best women snow boots for you.

8 Best Snow Boots For Women in 2020:

Apart from this, it has a high side to keep away either from water or snow. If you are passionate about rising high up in the mountainous areas during the great snowfall, then snow boots are a must when you pack your luggage. When it comes to the size of the boots, tall boots are used to protect you from rain and snow. In this regard, highlighting one disadvantage of short boots – you might face certain fittings issue as well as size issues.

Further eight types of snow boot are illustrated to give you a better insight into the same. Check them out now and get the suitable one of your choice.

1. Sorel’s Women Snow Boots


  • Synthetic footbed with the strong top cover.
  • They provide good support for slippery conditions with their molded rubber outsoles.
  • The footbeds are removable with strong heels and best arch support.


  • These boots are not the best option for complimenting your style statement due to its flat wedge.

A throwback to the old days, these are retro style high-heeled boots in wedge design. These ankle length ones are sure to catch the eyes of those looking for style and help to give you the best comfort on those rainy days. Sorel is famed for its proficiency in designing and manufacturing winter boots with remarkable performance and durability. Even if you wish to work over icy or slippery surfaces, then these boots are the best-suited one.

2. Ariat’s Country Women Snow Boots


  • It is of premium waterproof quality and premium quality leather
  • Covering up to the knee, it has a full length back zip.
  • Provides excellent foot stability and ultimate comfort while walking.


  • It is a bit pricey, and for some, it might exceed the budget.

The well designed GTX Insulated Boots do not fail to give you the necessary warm during the winter season. Ariat stands out as one of the well-known brands for its remarkable craftsmanship and variety of products that it offers to its customers. Due to its British boot look, those boots named as tall country boots. These are comfortable and breathable enough to be used during the chilling cold.  It is worth the purpose considering the overall get up. The waterproof GORE-TEXX and several layering, helps it to work perfectly as snow boots. These are available in excellent quality, and their wonderful dual-tine color combination is enough to bag compliments from many.

3. Columbia’s Women Snow Boots


  • Extremely pocket-friendly.
  • Long lasting product.
  • Gives the best quality and look at affordable prices.


  • To some extent, it would not be wrong to assume that fashion compromised when it comes to safety and styling of these boots.

It comes with a luxurious look and can be considered as one of the best buys if you happen to be a shoe lover. As the brand name goes, the Columbia items are crafted making the best use of the latest technology. They are also well-known for the fact that they make use of high-quality raw materials. For instance, they use insulation weighing 200 grams for making the best waterproof design.

To give your feet the best comfort and styling at the same time, these are a must even in the worst snowy conditions weather rating up to -32 degrees. These are ankle length ones and available in different colors meeting the needs of different customers. Also, these are the lightweight ones with fine quality cushioning with the heel measuring up to 1.25 inches. Apart from this, the platform also measures nearing about 0.75 inches. It is ready to give you the best comfort in the worst of the winter conditions.

4. Women Snow Boots from Momentum International


  • Produced with super grip and specialized soles that are meant to provide excellent support while treading on ice.
  • Helps to improve every outdoor activity giving the best comfort for its suitable design.
  • The heel measures up to 1 inch and suitable for temperature such as -25F.


  • The laces might bring some hard luck when you are walking on snowy surfaces.

If you are in search of an adorable pair of boots, then this should be the right choice. With sheer popularity, Kamik is doing an excellent job of crafting winter snow boots for women. If you wish to get all qualities on the same box, the Women’s Snow Boot from Momentum International could just be the best option for you after all. Apart from its feel-good factor, it also has a good looking factor, and you are sure to bag in many appreciations for the same.

Even if you have spent your whole pocket money these pairs of lovely shoes, then also it is worth the money. It is available in 12 prominent colors to suit your choice. With synthetic raw materials and rubber sole, it is a must in your wardrobe during the biting winter months. Even during the harshest of the winter days, these boots are sure to comply with your style statement keeping the comfort factor intact.

5. Rubber Boots-Lace-up Style for Women


  • Fashion-friendly as well as pocket-friendly with uncompromising raw materials.
  • Excellent rubber soles for durable and strong grip and traction on the footbed of the boots.
  • Complete water-proof construction.


  • The inner sole of the boot may not be removable.

Are you too much of a brand conscious woman? If you are, then Polar must be on your list when it comes to picking up your best stylish snow boots for your next trip in the snowy lands of Kashmir. Women’s designer boots from Polar are the best option for choosing the brands. Their most preferred products being a mid-calf length boot with a beautiful lace-up design. It is completely water-proof with a furry interior that adds more to your comfort. With its wide array of color, texture, and designs, these are sure to be the top rated ones in the market. At an affordable price, these are a good option to add some tinge of color to your winter outfits.

6. UGG Short Women Snow Boots


  • Available in a palette of colors.
  • Fully made with fur.
  • Well tested to keep away excess moisture at bay and resist stains.


  • The global brand turns out to be a little expensive.

One of the best American footwear companies, UGG, excels in all the possible ways of producing women’s snow boots. At the initial stages of UGG, it only caters to high-class customers, but in the recent past, it started to aim towards the normal class of people as well. It is mainly distinguished for its classic boot designs that help provide the required comfort level during dry days of winter months. In addition to this, it also helps to protect you against all the strains of keeping your feet dry and warm all day long. Retaining the durability, cushioning and comfort level intact, it remains lightweight and long-lasting. On one side, the platform measures up to 0.5 inches and on the other hand the shaft measures up to 8 inches from an arch.

7. Women Snow Boots from The North Face


  • Solid waterproof construction
  • Made of synthetic material.


  • Lightweight ones with a synthetic shell.

It is a modern version of the classically designed boots. It has a touch of throw-back days with slight alteration and originality of Nuptse Purna designs. With its exotic mix of fur lining and best styling, the boot is the ideal footwear; absolutely perfect pair for the winter days. These are surprisingly lightweight ones and last for more than you could have imagined. These women’s boots are a perfect match for any styling that you wish to do and never lets you down to earn compliments.

8. Sorel’s Wedge Women Snow Boots


  • The platform measure up to 0.75.
  • It looks fresh and new and gives the option to pick up your favorite color.


  • If looking for high heels, then you might not like this pair of boots.

You really cannot take your eyes off the tall wedge snowy boots under this category. The gorgeous finish of the boots makes you fall for it in the first instance. But if you look its gorgeous luster, it would be found that it is designed amazingly to provide you the best comfort and suits well on harsh winter days. The nice blend of leather and suede makes it more perfect.


The weather-beating performance of the snow boot is very much related to the quality of the boots. Although how warm a boot depends on some of the external factors like the material used inside, the thickness, the outsole and of course the design and fittings of the footbed. So before they are out of market both in the online and retail store, grab the best pair now.

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