The 7 Best Vertical Climbers – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

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Rock climbing is not very safe and not everyone has the heart for it but you sure can get a similar experience while working out at your own home with vertical climbers. You heard it right! This machine is getting a lot of attention lately because of its multifunctional nature. Not only it helps you in working out at home, but it also provides several health benefits. You may have your own reasons for pausing your fitness plans and restricting your body from becoming the best version of itself but say no more. Here are the best vertical climbers that are the ultimate solution to all your fitness-related issues.

They help in improving your body overall, which is both your upper body and lower body. If you were scared by seeing all sorts of different machines for arms, legs, stomach and you gave up because it seemed too much work then get your hands on this vertical climber. This exercise effectively burns fat, boosts your metabolism, strengthens your major muscle groups, and also prevents heart problems.

Without the use of several types of equipment, you can now work out on this amazing machine and save your time. You have the control as you can work out anywhere, anytime, and at your chosen intensity.

What is a vertical climber?

Best Vertical climbers are the new trendy machines that are useful for workouts at home. This machine has eliminated the need for different machines for each body part. Your whole body moves dynamically in this workout covering your upper and lower body both. It’s the time to finally stop worrying about keeping a track of everything like how many reps you have to do for your arms and then legs and so on. This one machine works for multiple purposes giving you all the fitness benefits that you require. The treadmill and stair stepper work for your upper and lower body separately unlike the vertical climber.

You will be burning countless calories with this machine but also your muscles will strengthen along with your stamina. Studies suggest that 30 minutes of workout on a daily basis on this vertical climber will improve the health of your heart. Whether you are a fitness freak or a beginner, vertical climbers will not fail to impress you with their remarkable features.

When you start exercising on this machine, all your major muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, biceps, triceps, abs, and chest muscles are included in the workout.

At the present time, it tends to be really difficult to find out the time for the gym. On the other hand, the concept of home gym leads to be extremely costly. Keeping this in mind, vertical climbers are the perfect invention for an overall work out at your home itself. Before you make up your mind about a certain product, you have to consider certain factors like price, adjustability, portability, and its stability. It is a fact that as you start going on the higher end of the products, the features also start to increase. With vertical climbers, you don’t have to worry about this either as even the most basic machine will work out great for you. Here are the seven best products, their features, and a buying guide to help you out with the process.

1. Body Champ Leisa Hart Cardio Vertical Stepper Climber


  • The Bungee suspension system puts the body at ease as you perform the exercise.
  • Handlebars have non-slip characteristics.
  • Being made from heavy-duty material, the machine is strong.
  • It has transportation wheels.


  • The durability of plastic parts is less.

As one of the best vertical climbers, this equipment by body champ is indeed champ when providing optimum workout. This affordable and effective machine is capable of toning your body to a huge degree with the finest training.

As its primary feature, the vertical climber comes up with the Bungee Suspension system which is helpful in avoiding knee and joint strains. This system initiates a smooth operation thus eliminating all rocky moments that may cause injuries or strain. This is an ergonomically favourable design which provides comfort in place of pain and making your workout sessions more effective. 

Many provisions are taken care of for the comfort factor of the machine. For instance, the handlebars are made non-stick to avoid slippage of hands during the workout which may lead to injuries. Also, the pedals are made of steel ensuring firm fit for your feet. So even if you perform a heavy workout, the pedals will work just fine. 

In order to keep the machine stable during a workout, a wide base is provided at the bottom that keeps the machine balanced. Since vertical climbers are built for some rigorous training, it is bound to go through the harsh exercise. That’s why; having a base that keeps the machine stable is really convenient. With that taken care of, you can do climbing without any limitations. 

2. Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine


  • It is extremely durable.
  • It’s super silent when in use which makes it perfect for home-usage.
  • It comes with calories burned and steps counter.
  • Very comfortable to use.


  • Some parts can easily be worn out if not handled properly.

If you are thinking about bringing effective home exercise equipment then there’s no better option than Conquer vertical climber machine. In our vertical climber reviews, this is ranked second and there are a lot of reasons for that. 

First things first, the machine is constructed using durable steel which ensures sturdiness of the vertical climber. As one of the main requirements of any climber is its stability, having the body of steel ticks that box. 

The machine can support as much as the weight of 250 lbs, courtesy of its wide 37-inch wide base frame. There are two sets of handles in Conquer’s machine namely static and movable. If you are using a movable one you can involve your entire body in the workout. On the other hand, if you only want to engage your lower body in exercise, you can use static handles.

For keeping the track of your workout, there is a digital step counter provisioned in the vertical climber. This counter is useful in counting the number of steps that you’ve climbed. This helps you in keeping up with your exercise regime. In addition to step count, the display also tells you the number of calories that you’ve burned. You can pre-set the target of calories to be burned and then workout accordingly. 

3. Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Total Body Vertical Climber


  • It can do both strength and cardio training.
  • It offers 8 different levels of resistance.
  • Can be stored easily due to being foldable.
  • Quiet in operation.


  • Doesn’t have wheels for transportation.

Best Choice Products has made a vertical climber in order to provide exercise equipment that can be used at home and provide results similar to that of a gym. 2 in 1 total body vertical climber is an ideal choice for cardio as well as strength training. 

Best Choice uses a magnetic resistance system for adjusting the pace levels. Just like in most of the exercisers, this machine offers 8 different levels of resistance. You can manually change the pace of your exercise by changing the resistance level. Level 1 is the lowest which offers almost negligible resistance while level 8 is the toughest. Depending upon your regime, you have freedom of selecting either one.

For users convenience pedal straps are adjustable. As mentioned earlier this is a heavy workout machine. It is possible that the machine may wobble on exercising and your feet might slip leading to injuries. So in order to avoid that possibility, pedal straps work as a great asset. 

As with the frame of steel, the climber remains strong and durable even after hefty usage and provides you with the ultimate workout. This exerciser is easily foldable giving you ease in storage and work as ideal workout equipment.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exerciser


  • Hydraulic cylinders practically don’t produce a sound which makes the machine quiet in operation.
  • Machine mostly comes assembled.
  • Price is low for its features.
  • Contains staggering 12 levels of resistance.


  • The weight carrying capacity is low (220lbs).

A fairly comfortable and rather compact vertical climber by Sunny Health and Fitness is one of the best vertical climbers at an affordable rate. This product of Sunny Health and Fitness is slim which is suitable for home workout.

For controlling resistance, this machine uses two hydraulic piston and cylinder arrangements. There are a total 12 number of adjustable resistance levels with each setting offering different tempo. A dial is provisioned for adjusting the resistance level, by rotating it to a designated arrow, you can obtain a particular level.

A heavy-duty steel frame is employed in the machine frame which provides firm support while you workout. Some of the components are made of components which can last longer, making the machine durable. At this price point, the construction of the machine is better than expected.

Handles are softly padded which takes care of the comfort factor. On the other hand, foot pedals possess anti-slip grip that does the job of preventing chances of slippage. In addition to that, the pedals are oversized. This eliminates any hindrances that may arrive due to the size of the foot. 

As like most of the climbers, this one too is foldable. Just by taking out a pin, this machine can be folded, making it further compact and easy for storage. 

5. Weslo Step fit Climber


  • LCD displays provide various performance parameters.
  • Both handlebars and foot pedals provide adequate grip.
  • The weight carrying capacity is good for a standard machine.
  • Resistance levels are adjustable.


  • Assembly is a bit hard.

In terms of conventional vertical climbers, there’s hardly any other climber that can beat this climber by Weslo. This workout equipment is studded with quality and the features it offers makes it a remarkable prospect for a workout. 

In terms of resistance, the machine uses the same type as the previous climber. It uses two cylinders filled with oil and resistance can be adjusted manually. This is a convenient feature as it will help you in coping up with your workout requirement. In addition to resistance, it is also possible to adjust the height of the climber.  

Ergonomic design for handles ensures ease in a workout with no discomfort. They are easy to hold and the grip doesn’t let your hands slip. For the pedals, you will find that they are textured to engross grip. Furthermore, they are pretty large so that they can encapsulate even the largest size of the foot. 

If you need to keep progressive track of various performance parameters then there is an integrated digital display for you. It displays time, calories burned, distance and some other things. 

The weight capacity of the machine is about 250 lbs which are pretty standard for vertical climbers at this price. There’s also a device shelf on the top of the display where you can attach your smartphone for entertainment.

6. Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Cardio Machine 3.0


  • It is a low impact machine.
  • Made for beginners.
  • Has good weight carrying capacity for its price.
  • Great for burning calories and fat.


  • Plastic components are cheap.

This is similar to our second reviewed product with some changes. It is a low impact workout machine which puts less strain on your body even when you perform high-intensity workouts. 

As Conquer’s trademark, this machine utilizes standard steel for its construction, making it fairly durable. With the addition of a wide base that the machine accompanies, climbers remain super stable in heavy workout sessions. As the machine is made to be used for intense workout sessions, a provision of stability is well taken care of. 

Comfort is an essential section in any workout equipment and in case of vertical climbers, it comes in the form of handlebars and foot pedals. Conquer does a good job with both handlebars and foot pedals by enhancing their comfort level. This is achieved by making them anti-slip and providing a firm grip. 

This is one of the cheapest vertical climbers with a price of about $100. While a considerable amount of weight is reduced in this version compared to its predecessor, it still has 240lbs weight carrying capacity. When you fold the machine, it becomes super slim which makes it easier to store.

7. X-Factor Vertical Climber


  • It is a cheap machine.
  • Good weight capacity.
  • Great value for money.


  • Some users have complained about missing parts while assembling.

The last feature in our vertical climber reviews is from X-Factor. It can produce desired results from intense workout sessions it offers. It is one of the cheapest climbers in the market and it is difficult to come across one that offers similar features at this price. 

The machine is fairly simple in design but has a sturdy build. It is strong enough to cope up with harsh workout sessions. It remains stable while in operation and comes with enhanced durability. 

Even after being cheap, the vertical climber machine offers a weight carrying capacity up to 250 lbs. This is actually interesting since some more expensive climbers have a lesser weight capacity. So X-Factor has done a fabulous job in this section.

The machine comes up with 2 resistance straps in order to maintain peace of the workout. While not accompanied with magnetic resistance, X-Factor’s vertical climber does a fairly good job at offering challenging intense training. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Vertical Climber – Buying Guide


Like most of the exercising equipment, vertical climbers too come up with resistance systems for varying pace of the workout. In most of the cases, magnetic resistance and hydraulic resistance is employed. It is essential for vertical climbers to have a number of resistance levels in order to keep variety in workout. So whenever you are selecting a climber, make sure it has a sufficient number of resistance levels.


Vertical climbers are designed to occupy less space, that’s why they come up with foldable features. This makes it easier for storage so always select the one that is foldable and utilizes less space both when in use and when not in use. Also if possible make sure that climber comes up with transportation wheels.

Display Panels

It is impossible to find a climber that doesn’t come up with a display panel. This display panel shows various performance parameters like time, calories burned, steps etc. One thing you need to keep in mind about panels is that they should be big enough and should be easier to read.


  1. What muscles are involved when using vertical climbers?

Both the upper body and lower body are involved when you exercise with a vertical climber.

  1. Can vertical climbers be used for losing weight?

Vertical climbers are designed to burn fat and calories that’s why they are capable of reducing weight to a good extent.

  1. How much time should I spend exercising as a vertical climber?

It is recommended to use climbers for 10 to 15 minutes as it is a full-body workout machine.

Final Verdict

So this is all there is to know about vertical climbers. If you are looking for more vertical climbers, you can always survey the market but it will be quite difficult to come across one which is better than these climbers. In all sense, vertical climbers are great machines for toning and structuring your body. By keeping the factors mentioned in mind, you can end up with an ideal vertical climber machine. 

If we were to suggest, we would recommend getting your hands on Body Champ’s vertical climber as it excels in pretty much every department. If not, other 6 climbers are also capable of producing similar results.

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