Best Weight Benches in 2018 – Reviews & Suggestions

Keeping a fit and excellent body is the key to a sound mind and happy disposition. Contrary to popular belief, weight training is done by the individuals who are both overweight and underweight. Keeping in mind of all the precautions and methods, the trainers and the trainees take the help of various gym equipment that helps them to achieve the desired fitness. Regular practice following a strict regime is the key to successfully continue your fitness training. Yes, you need to keep in mind that ultimately everything depends upon the zeal of the person who is practicing.

Coming back to the topic, there are various kinds of accessories available right now that are specially designed for upper, lower or whole body fitness. Most of the accessories are helpful to build up the desired muscle or bone structure of the body. However, there are some of the accessories that act as the catalyst or ‘helping hand’ to the main gym accessories.

Types of Weight Bench

weight benches

Among this subsidiary gymnasium equipment, Weight Bench is the most common one that you will find in every gymnasium. Weight Bench looks just like a standard bending bench. Most of the common types of Weight Bench are:

  • Flat Bench.
  • Weight Olympic Bench.
  • Curl Preacher Bench.
  • Bench for Abdominal Training.
  • Weight Folding Bench.

Numerous benefits are associated with the Weight Bench. Weight Bench helps you with the training of the weight by influencing the forearms, traps, rhomboids, shoulders and any part of your upper muscle body.  This is the benefit you get if you usually train on the bench that you will get without bending or going upside down.

Pre-Checks Before Buying

For the training in the lower body, you need to go for the bench press, and you need to concentrate on the specific body part that you want to focus on the strength training. You can take up this method by making the muscles of your hip, back, and legs. There are various methods of setting up the Weight Bench depending upon your requirement.  Before buying the product, you need to confirm all the quality checks that you need to prove before purchasing the product:

  • You need to see the quality of the product before buying. You need to look at that product can also sustain the weight at least four times more than the initial burden of an average overweight or heavily built person.
  • You have already seen that the there are many types of Weigh Bench. Now before buying them, you need to watch out your specific exercise regime that will decide the purchase of your weight bench. If you are into hardcore muscle training and weight lifting, then you can go for the curl preacher or weight Olympic bench that have the sustenance and durability and also could be bend with the automatic hinges that will help to sustain all the weight bars and uniform straight training in everybody parts. But if you are into regular training with just dumbbells, then the flat table is your best option.
  • If you are into the more customized workout, then you can go to the bench that can be adjusted. With this kind of adjustable bench, you can go for a smooth way of exercises that will help you to expand in the muscles and pumping it up. You can adjust the angles of the bench that will help you to improve your body mass at any time which will also be useful.
  • You need to go for the quality check of the cushion and the straps where you will get to lie down and do all the strength training of your daily routine.
  • Last but not the least you need to see, that you can have the required warranty of the equipment. Also, check if they are certified by the recognized association of the fitness.

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Best Weight Benches in 2018 : Top 4 with Pro’s & Con’s

Now knowing its functions and the things that you are ascertained before purchasing, you can go for the top best weight bench that you can go for the purchase. Depending upon all the features, usefulness, durability and certification, you can go for the shopping among the list.

1. Marcy Flat Weight Bench

Marcy Flat Weight Bench

The flat weight bench that is the best of you can go for the top rated and the most popular of the weight bench recommended by the fitness experts that will help you to go for the entire physique workout. You can take the help of the weight bench by building the better body structure that will help you to perform an exercise that will help you to go for the specialized training. The compact design ensures that you can keep it within reach of your house. You can go for this best-suited bench for your all-purpose workout.


  • The heavy duty of the steel that will help you to go for the heavy strength training that will help you to adjust your foam and to provide you the highest level of comfort.
  • The weight is 300 lbs. ensuring that any kind of substantial body building activity is done by that
  • The finishing powder coated that will help to prevent it from getting it destroyed due to heavy usage and age.
  • The easy installation ensures that you will get full training at your home itself.


  • You cannot customize the height. For a person above 6.6 ft., it will be a bit tricky to train without slumping a little.

Almost it can be said that the average height of the regular gym goer is 6.5 ft. With the height, you can quickly go to the flat bench to avail the best bargain and efficient regime.

2. XMark Adjustable Weight Bench, Adjustable Seat XM-7472

XMark Adjustable Weight Bench, Adjustable Seat XM-7472

When the product was launched and tested, the unique feature that was observed regarding the outcome was, that the bench could withstand even the more than 1450 lbs. of weight. The power and durability of the bench are unusual that will help you to perform any kind of strength training and weight increasing techniques. The design and the built up is of premium quality ensuring the all-round development in the field of body toning.


  • There is an adjustable base that could be adjusted according to trainees’ height.
  • The steel is made of 11- a durable gauge of steel making it long-lasting.
  • The vinyl; cover ensures that the sweat is controlled efficiently
  • The transport wheel provides that you can transport the product from one place to another.
  • The unique three positioning ensures that you can perform up to 11 level of exercise.


  • The cushion is extra soft that may cause your lower part to sink a bit.

Going through the demonstration, you can genuinely feel that the base of the bench is soft. But who does not want comfort? You are already doing rigorous body training with the other body parts. So it is a perfect thing to keep your resting side of the body comfortable and will act as a support.

3. Marcy Olympic Bench for Workout

Marcy Olympic Bench for Workout 

Coming to the department of the Olympic weight bench, you can see that the entire workout weight bench is made up of the foam, vinyl, and steel. You can be assured that the whole assortment is constructed carefully that will help to provide stabilization for a good work out regime. The bench comes up with the developer for the leg that will to go for the knee joints and the ankle joints and keep them locked for lower body workout. The seats are powered by high-quality customized springs that will help it to adjust to the trainees’ comfort.


  • Long lasting and durable due to premium steel. Also, the mixture of foam, vinyl, and steel ensures higher durability.
  • The leg developer ensures the proper posture.
  • The seat and the bench could be highly adjusted according to the height and weight of the individual.
  • Storing multiple weights made easier.
  • Full body training for both upper and lower limb.


  • The vast assortment is not suitable for your home and needs vast space.
  • Assembling the whole thing requires time and precision.

As mentioned earlier twice, this one is the perfect weight bench who are into hardcore bodybuilding and achieve the maximum level of muscle build up. That is, for the casual weight trainees, you do not need such a bulky thing in your home and spend your bucks on it. This is only for the professional bodybuilders.

4. Body Champ Weight Bench Extension Attachment

Body Champ Weight Bench Extension Attachment

If you are newly into the department of the gaming, bodybuilding, and fitness, then you can go for this lightweight, compact weight bench to begin your weight training.  An upgraded version of the older of the same name, this one comes up with the catches that are non-pin from one inch to six inches long. You can go for three kinds of standard position while going for the assortment. There are also foam rollers for the comfort and the padded cushion that will help to them to train for lower, upper and core body.


  • The assortment is compact and clean that will help you to keep it in your backyard too.
  • You can practice up to three positions.
  • The base is soft and comfortable.
  • Can build up the height up to 6 inches.
  • Can train for all parts of the body.


  • This one can only be used for the home purpose.
  • Since it can accommodate the weight of only 250 lbs., only the beginners or the teenagers who have just joined can use them.

The choice is effortless. If you have just started your exercise regime, then this one is perfect for you. Even for the individuals whose age is below 17 or for someone with lower body weight and wants a short thing in their house, this one is truly perfect.

Best Weight Benches in 2018 – Reviews & Suggestions
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