7 Best Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day at Work [2020 Guide]

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Living life to its fullest is only possible when you plan your plans effectively. For these plans to be successful, you need to take small things that help you complete the execution of these plans. There are hundreds of small things that most women don’t even consider important. However, they realize the importance once they deal with a problem related to that. One such important thing is women’s shoes. 

If you are one, you know you use them every day but sadly you don’t understand the importance of your shoes. You can’t imagine your life without shoes, especially if you are a working individual. If your job is something that requires you to stand for long periods of time, shoes are extremely important for feet. Moreover, buying the right shoes is important, and in this article, we’ll talk about 7 most-preferred women’s shoes for standing all day. 

7 Best Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day


We have enlisted a few buying tips and FAQs, which might help you down the way to choosing shoes for standing all day.Let’s dive in: 

1. Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers


  • The upper vamp is ultra-light coupled with the synthetic design, which adds durability.
  • The split looped lacing design helps in providing flexibility along with air circulation.


  • None
  • The platform is measurable up to 1.96”
  • It is equipped with vents to facilitate air circulation a well

This is one of the best shoes for standing all day women with mesh fabric. It is equipped with an air cushion sole and the size is more or less like the street shoes. This shoe is available in various colors. Also, it comes with a toe stand and is super light as well. Furthermore, it is built with smooth fabric which gives a soothing feel for the vacation. Air cushion covers the entire region of MD Outsole. 

Also, this shoe is reinforced with a superior quality rubber material that resists water and is not all slippery. It comes with a perforated arch for providing proper ventilation as well as breathability. This shoe is perfect for regular use like work, casual wear, gardening, shopping, Zumba, and many more. Moreover, it is made of a classic design that makes the shoe perfect for those who can stand or walk for a considerable period of time.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes


  • The upper mesh is surrounded by flexible and long-lasting material.
  • There is an added support on the back of the shoe which helps in pronation during the journey.


  • None
  • It is built with AHAR rubber technology. 
  • Split part of the outsole helps in the reduction of the overall weight.
  • The shoe comes equipped with a sock liner, which can be removed.

This is a remodeled design of Gel-Venture 6 suited for rugged terrain that is equipped with trail-specific outsole along with high abrasive rubber which is good for traction. The shoe has a shock proofing mechanism as you move along the path. Moreover, it comes with a removable sock liner that facilitates the addition of custom orthotics, which gives proper grip. 

Although it is suitable for rugged terrain, it works well on other surfaces because of its unique design. The rubber is strong enough to resist wear and tear and long-lasting as well. Also, there is enough cushioning. It is made of a plush tongue as well as a collar to resist the attack of sand or gravel. Moreover, the outsole portion of the shoe accompanies with a reversed lugs that give traction on several surfaces. 

3. Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat


  • These shoes are lightweight as well thereby providing less strain.
  • The ortho line sock liner gives comfort.


  • None
  • This shoe is equipped with shock prevention 
  • Stable mechanism.
  • Footbed can be removed

This is the perfect shoe that adds value to your comfortability when you have to stand throughout the day. It is because they are equipped with anti-microbial and moisture thickening insoles. Also, this keeps your feet dry as well as the prevention of producing any foul smell. Moreover, it comes with a slow recovery foam pad, which provides added comfort and flexibility. Also, it keeps you walking naturally without any pitfall. 

The pure fit cushion arch gives you proper arch support for the entire day. The insoles are removable and very soft as well. So, it is recommendable for those who have wide feet. This shoe comes with a stylish look and perfect for ladies who are in the mid-30s. Moreover, the preppy style can fit on any outfit. The most important part is the durability of the material, which is good enough. However, the straps are sewn poorly and get loose after washing a few times.

4. Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs Plush


  • These shoes are quite adjustable and soft for indoor activities.
  • There is a shock preventing low profile midsole as well as textured traction outsole.


  • None
  • It is made of a foamed insole
  • The size of the heel is ¼ inch.
  • The outer portion of the shoe is covered with adaptable rubber and traction tread.

It is equipped with a ballet pump design that covers a half-inch heel. This further comes with a tucked toe front pleat with a sturdy heel surrounded by a colored material. There is a slip present on the shoe covered with an elastic panel to fit in a proper way. It is designed in a proper fashion. Also, there is a diagonal stitched seam detail available on the front panel of this shoe. The arch pillow is present on the insole for extra support. 

Moreover, there is a smooth woven fabric on the upper part of the shoe. It is made of 100% fabric. There is a heel panel overlay as well. The rubber traction mechanism doesn’t let you slide. Moreover, it looks very stylish when you move outdoors and available in various colors as well. 

5. Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel


  • This is quite comfortable and available in proper size.
  • This comes with a lace-up slip-resistant design coupled with stitching accents.


  • None
  • This shoe is made of foamed removable insoles covered with cushion.
  • The shoe heel size measures 1 inch.
  • EH safe

It is a good shoe equipped with cushioned and supportive feel as well as non-slippery soles. This shoe has long-lasting features and fits you properly even after various rounds of washing. The part present on the heel is quite narrow. It is built with Electrical Hazard (EH) safe design along with a resistant rubber traction outsole as well. The upper portion is made of smooth leather. It is equipped with a Padded collar as well as a tongue. 

It comes with a fabric shoe lining as well. There is slip-resistant rubber traction present on the outer sole of the shoe. Also, it is built with mini perforated panels to facilitate the cooling effect. Furthermore, there is a tender fabric shoe lining available on the rear end. The closure type is Lace-up and the weight of the footwear is based on a single item, not reliant on the pair. 

6. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Boot


  • It gives casual comfort with its slip-resistant stitching and is equipped with memory foam available inside the sole.
  • It is quite attractive as well as comfortable.
  • The closure type is Lace-Up and it provides a perfect fit.


  • None
  • EH safe
  • The heel is 11/4 inch high.
  • It is made of 100% leather and synthetic.

This is one of the good varieties of sporty shoes, which come with all-round comfort as well as safety. It is equipped with a slip-resistant rubber traction outsole along with EH Safe tested ASTM F2892. Also, the leather covering that is used is smooth as well as tender. The design is very extensive with side stitched stripes. Moreover, there is a tender lining of the fabric on the entire sole. 

This lightweight shoe has a shock absorption mechanism with a lightweight midsole along with a slippery preventive mechanism of rubber traction available on the outsole. This brand is producing a diversified affordable product that gives optimum customer satisfaction from its inception. Furthermore, it keeps your feet and doesn’t act as a burden. Because of the smooth leather cover, you can wear this throughout the day.

7. New Balance Women’s 928v3 Walking Shoe


  • It is flexible as well as lightweight.
  • The ABZORB cushioning and the ROLLBAR support gives proper comfort.


  • None
  • The tongue is devoid of cushioning and gives proper comfort.
  • The inner portion of the shoe is made of removable PU footbed.

It is quite a comfortable one for those who have problems in their feet which develops owing to continuous standing. This pair comes with a broad and deep toe box which is long-lasting and prevents shock absorption. The upper portion of this shoe is tender and can be washable as well. The women’s version of this shoe is somewhat thicker and is equipped with a shorter toe box containing extensive design lines for females. 

The midfoot part of this shoe is covered with ABZORB material. This is basically a foam-based polymer that helps in distributing the force when it rests on the ground reducing the chance of shock. ROLLBAR can negate the movement of the foot on the backside providing absolute grip. When it comes to designing, the collar is built with a synthetic material blended with a layer of cushioning that can improve comfort while walking.

Quick Buying Guide to Select the Best Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day

First of all, before diving into the details you should know that you should take care of your feet and standing for hours is not a good option. However, for some individuals, it’s their demanding job, and for those individuals buying a good pair of shoes is important. Enlisted are certain tips to choose the best shoes for standing all day:


If you have to carry a load for hours, make sure that the weight is kept the minimum. Same goes for the shoes; you can’t wear a heavy pair of shoes all day long without exhausting yourself. So, you need to buy shoes that are lightweight, and that depends primarily on the material of the shoe. Luckily, most shoe manufacturers aim to produce light shoes. So, finding a pair of lightweight shoes isn’t going to be that difficult.

Materials are important

When it comes to the materials used in a shoe, you should know that it not only affects the durability of the shoe but also the comfort. Spending hours in a shoe means you need the shoe to adjust according to your feet’ movement, and for this purpose pure leather is a good material. Also, the base of your feet requires proper cushioning and support for that you can go for shoes that have good quality foam or rubber. 

In the case of females, if you are not used to standing for hours, you need better support for your feet. If your work doesn’t require you to wear formal shoes specifically, then you have a lot of choices. You can go to sports shoes that are meant to provide you comfort.

Brand for quality

Shoes are like an investment, and you don’t do a good investment every month. You know that the money you would spend on your shoe would directly affect your performance and your feet. That is the reason why you shouldn’t be hesitating while investing in a good pair of shoes. In the case, if you can’t invest in it at the time, you may consider saving and buying later. 

Either you should go for a known brand or you can go to a reliable shoemaker. Whatever the case may be, don’t compromise with quality. Investing in a good pair of shoes isn’t going to do any harm.

Women’s Shoes for Standing All Day Maintenance tips

So, if you have invested in a decent pair of shoes, you should know how to take care of those. You would be surprised to know that in my personal experience I’ve seen those shoes that are maintained properly can last you two times more than if you take them for granted.

There are only a few things you need to do to make your shoes last longer, and these things are not that difficult. Let’s dive into some tips for the maintenance of your best shoes for walking and standing all day:

Clean your shoes

As I already said, proper maintenance can increase the life of a pair of shoes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to clean your shoes every day you get back home, that would be too much. Cleaning your shoes once a week can get the job done, considering you’ve done it properly.

You should clean the shoe according to the material it is made out of, and remember things are not the same for every pair. If you have a leather shoe, it’s different and if you have sport shoes things would be different.

You shoes need brake too

It isn’t a much-known fact, but your shoes need rest too. Letting your shoes remain in the shoe rack can help you out with things like odor. It also works in favor of increasing the life of the shoe. So, you should let your shoes be in a rack for a day or two after a week of wearing.

If you can’t afford to put your shoes down even for one day, the best thing you can do is to buy a similar pair. By doing this you can use the shoes alternatively. Moreover, this would be the best thing you can do.



Q: Does shoe lining play an important role?

Well, yes, it very much does. Just like any other part of the shoe, it is crucial as it makes the shoe wearable by making them breathable as well as soft. 

Q: What role does pronation play?

It plays a crucial role in the absorption of shock while you are running or so. It’s there to protect your feet during foot rotations.

Final Verdict

You should never underestimate the importance of your shoes; also shoes are important, irrespective of your age and profession. Not wearing a decent pair of shoes or simply going with anything you get can harm your feet in the long run. Also, I am sure that you wouldn’t want to have unbearable pain in your feet or any other problem. 

Moreover, make sure that you buy the best women’s shoes for standing all day and you also maintain them well to last longer by following the tips that are given.

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