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People in recent times have become more health-conscious than ever before. There are a lot of people who are taking up the practices of exercising and doing yoga at home or in a group. Yoga is a discipline that has come up and has become a propagated and popular aspect of the daily lives of many people. People have taken up yoga in such a stable manner because yoga doesn’t only have the physical benefits that it provides but also avails to you better mental health as well as spiritual growth. Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats that are used as equipment for the practice of yoga. There is a vast array of pros that you can avail from the yoga mats when used efficiently.

Yoga mats are essential for various yoga practices, and they prevent the hands and the feet of the person from slipping. If your hands or feet move in the middle of an asana, you can hurt yourself badly. To avoid this, you should avail of the best yoga mat for your exercise routine. Yoga mats are also known as the sticky mats or even the non-slip mats. There are many types in which you can avail of the yoga mats. These depend on the various aesthetics that you are going to use it for.

The yoga mats are usually around 72 inches in length and 24 inches in width. However, some mats have a full breadth of about 30 inches. These mats are for the asana like Surya Namaskar and the hand-balances. These yoga mats are available in the market in various colors and patterns. There is a type of yoga mats called the alignment mats which are designed specially and are printed with the guides to proper body alignment. Some companies also avail you with custom print on the yoga mats like images.

Initially, the yoga mats produced commercially were made from the PVC material. Recently, however, these commercial yoga mats are usually made from natural jute and rubber materials. The yoga mats that have rubber bases may even have microfiber on the top layers. You can machine wash the mats as per the general instructions that are availed with the product. You can also clean the yoga mat by wiping it with a wet and warm cloth and then allow it to dry in the air.

The ancient yoga practice that originated in India was conducted on the grass called kasha, on the hard earth devoid of any form of cover, or maybe even on a rug made out of deer or tiger skin. Because of the scarcity and cost of such rugs, these are hardly ever used in modern times. People also transferred to the use of carpets and other forms of non-slip and comfortable flat surface for the practice of yoga. These days, however, there are a lot of options and here is a list of the top 10 yoga mats that are available in the market today.

List of Best Yoga Mats of 2020:


1. Liforme The Yoga Mat

Liforme The Yoga Mat


  • The yoga mat has an eco-friendly design and also comes in four vibrant colors.
  • This is made for the hardcore and hot yoga, and there is proper support as well as the postural alignment guidelines for the better knowledge of the position on the mat.


  • The mat is more expensive and slightly out of the budget of many people for a yoga mat. This mat has a lot of beneficial features and also is a bit heavier than the usual mats and is not very ideal for traveling.

This is among the most beneficial and fantastic yoga mats that you can avail in the market in modern times. The mat is about 72.8″ in length and 26.8″ in width. There is a Gripforme design pattern that helps you to stay in the correct position while practicing the various asana. This is a yoga mat for the hot yoga which is a more intense form of yoga. The thickness is also right and keeps your body comfortable. There is extra support and cushioning on the mat. There are also guidelines for the postural alignment and also has a significant design.

2. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat


  • This mat has a fantastic feature that the surface is automatically antimicrobial, and there will be no bacterial growth or issues on the surface of the mat.
  • This mat is a sustainable one and has the material which is the composite of cork and rubber.


  • The disadvantages of this mat are pretty few, and they are that the mat is quite costly and out of budget for a yoga mat and may not be preferred by many people due to the price tag. Another con of the mat is that it is not machine washable.

This is a yoga mat that is all very popular for its superb quality. The mats are made of the composite of cork and rubber. It has the comfort of the mat and the flexibility as well as the non-slip qualities of rubber. The mat has nine different designs which include mandalas as well as plain ones as well. They are sustainable and eco-friendly and cork design. They look trendy and also have the benefits of being lightweight and are great for the traveling purposes.

3. Yoga Mat by Yogasana

Yoga Mat by Yogasana


  • You get a 15-year satisfaction guarantee with this yoga mat.
  • The company has a humanitarian approach, and the proceeds are given back to the school children in India.
  • They are of high quality and are also amazingly durable.


  • The mats have a higher price and are also not as comfortable as the cork mats. The surface of the mats is also not antimicrobial in nature like the others.

These are great mats that are made out of 100% cotton and can be effective alternatives to the mainstream yoga mats in the market today. They are available in six different colors and have the dimensions of 72”x25” which is great for any form of intense yoga exercises. These are eco-friendly and are also non-slip mats which come as the great benefit for an ardent yoga workout enthusiast. These mats have excellent durability and can also be used for the outdoors as well. They are of the top quality and are also extremely long-lasting.

4. Cork Yoga Mat by Scoria

Cork Yoga Mat by Scoria


  • The mats have the comfort level from the cork material, and th3e safety properties form the rubber bottom.
  • The surface is also antimicrobial, and this company has a philanthropic cause that contributes to charity.


  • The color can seem dull for some people, and even the mat is not machine washable in nature. These are the few drawbacks that are there on the mat.

These are trendy mats that are made of the cork material with a little mixture of rubber. They also have the fantastic design of nature on the mats. These mats have a rubber layer at the bottom which is the magic for its non-slip property. They have an antimicrobial surface and are made of all-natural materials. The design is unique and one of a kind.

5. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat


  • It is a credible brand and has the eco-friendly nature.
  • They are also lightweight and easily portable.
  • There are a lot of multifaceted options to choose from as well.


  • It is made of natural rubber which may not be the best material for all forms of yoga. The mat is light, but as per its size, it is not too light as well.

This is a credible brand and avail to you an excellent quality of yoga mats. The thickness is about 3/16,” and the width is 24″. The mat is also quite light with a weight of approx. 405 pounds. They have a variation of ten different colors that you can choose from. They are made of all natural products and are eco-friendly. The company also has a charitable cause for their business.

6. Manduka eKO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka eKO Yoga and Pilates Mat


  • The mat is 99% latex-free and is better for the user.
  • They have the credibility of their brand and are famous for the 20 years’ experience in this field.


  • The mat is made from all-natural rubber which may not be very lasting. The mats are not very thick as well.

These are the eco-friendly yoga mats that are made from the high-end non-slip material. The mats are extremely durable and have a lot of variation availed to the customers to choose from. The dimensions of this fantastic mat are 71” x 26,” and the weight is about 7 pounds.

7. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel


  • The mats have beautiful designs and are also light in weight.
  • As a result, they are fantastic to travel with and also have excellent durability.


  • These mats are very thin, and this can be a drawback of the mat from time to time. The thickness of the mat may require it to be used on top of another separate mat.


These are amazingly comfortable and soft yoga mats. They have many various designs to choose from. These are towel mats which are also lightweight in nature. The dimensions of the mats are 1.25 lbs.; 68” x 24′. They have their own patented skid free tech which makes the mat more reliable. 

8. Shantihi Yoga Mat


  • The mats are durable in nature and are also nontoxic.
  • They have 100% satisfaction and no PVC at all. The price is also low.


  • The mat is made of a few parts which are not natural, and this defeats the eco-friendly focus. There are also limited color and design options.

These are nontoxic mats which are incredibly durable in nature and hence are perfect for the outdoor yoga. They have a water surface, and this makes the mat an amazingly unique one. The weight of the mat is also not very much, and hence they can be traveled with.

9. Sol Living Premium Extra Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Sol Living Premium Extra Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat


  • These are reliable and slip-resistant in properties. Even the weight is quite light and good for travel.


  • There are no extra features in the mat other than the primary and traditional elements.

These are great all-around mats that are available in four color variations and have the benefit of enhanced comfort for the user. These mats are eco-friendly and are not made with synthetic materials. The dimensions of the mat are 24” W x 72” L x 5 mm thick.

10. Yoga Direct Extra Long Yoga Mat

Yoga Direct Extra Long Yoga Mat


  • These mats are light in weight and are also easy to travel with.
  • They have the benefits of enabling tall people to use the yoga mats.


  • The mats are made of synthetic material which may have a few issues in the future on regular and prolonged use. The choices are also limited.

These mats are spacious and give you a lot of room to freely lay down and exercise. They have all the latex-free designs and are even suited for the tall people as the dimensions are more flexible. The dimensions of the mat are 84″ x 24″ x ¼.” 

Final Words:

These are the various top-end yoga mats that you can avail of from the market. They have many unique and unusual features. These mats have extreme comfort levels and also help you prevent any form of injury during the process of yoga. You also avail of the best aesthetics of the printed yoga mats. There are a few yoga mats that are made of the cork material, and they are of high-end quality and have the safety measure as much as the level of comfort.

They even have the looks and can also be customized as per the users’ wants. You should avail the yoga mats as per the type of exercise that you are up to practicing. There are a few yoga mats that are extra thick for better comfort, and there are some with extra width for the better flexibility of space accumulation while practicing the yoga forms like the Surya Namaskar and the handstands.

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