The 8 Best Zumba Shoes – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

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Nowadays, everyone loves to stay slim, in the trend of being absolutely fit, the craze of Zumba is on the verge. Zumba is known for tapping on the floor with powerful footsteps, For the same purpose a  great pair of the best Zumba shoes is a big must. You can compromise with your track pants or cool uppers but not at all with the zumba shoes.The passion of Zumba is rapidly growing among all, especially women find it one of the most interesting forms of workout. 

This amazing dance form came into existence in the early 90’s ever since then it is binding everyone in its reach for the sake of living out a healthy lifestyle. Zumba takes into consideration the immense activeness of every individual. Before buying Zumba shoes for yourself make sure you choose the best Zumba shoes for rocking out on constant beats. Guess what? We are here to help you out in making an upright selection of your Zumba shoes. So, with no delays let us jump upon a detailed buying guide for your Zumba shoes.

Why is it important to have a good pair of Zumba shoes?

Zumba shoes are undisputedly the soul of the Zumba dance form. Well, you have to understand that Zumba involves much strength of your lower legs. In this case, keeping your heels safe from any unwanted injuries , Zumba shoes are the only solution. 

Aside from that, a perfect duo of Zumba shoes lets you gather the confidence of performing truly good. The dance floor remains a bit slippery in this situation; such shoes prevent the feet of the wearer by providing an anti-skid base. Below are some points for highlighting the significance of getting your pair of Zumba shoes.

Maintaining the grip

We bet you that if you are wearing the topmost quality Zumba shoes you will never lose the grip at the moment of dancing. The grip factor reduces your worry in regard to injuries.

Shock absorption technique

Zumba is not at all about slight moves. This is the reason why the makers of these types of shoes assure to allocate shock absorption techniques for removing the sudden tensity.

Terrifically lightweight

It’s shocking but true that the best sneakers for Zumba feel extremely light at your feet. The lightweight quality of Zumba shoes eliminates every possible trouble of your Zumba hours.

Comfort at its peak

Comfort is an integral element of Zumba shoes. The wearer can freely jump, move back, move right or spin while enjoying the fullest scope of comfort with a specific sort of sneakers.

The superiority of spin spot

Probably, very few people are aware of the term spin spot in Zumba shoes. Basically, the spin spot is the ball-shaped support given on the outer layer of shoe sole for helping you in spinning or turning easily while dancing around in Zumba style.

1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe


  • Unbelievably light in weight
  • A high-quality product.


  • The product is not suitable for a narrow foot.
  • Material- Synthetic
  • Sole- Dual Density midsole.

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe fulfills all your expectations on the grounds of flexibility, comfort, and fashion.  The rubber sole formulates the super grip so you can freely complete your Zumba steps. Formed with a shaft, measure the pair, and track down the ease of movement. Ultra cushioning is yet another plus of Ryka. The presence of Flex foil contributes to the support for Zumba aesthetics.

These shoes have been designed with N- Gage Eva energy stuff for setting up the goals of shape retention. Tremendous relaxation and extraordinary softness is what you obtain from Ryka. The length of lace goes exactly proper with tying ends. Available in seven vibrant colors Ryka deserves to be your mate for your Zumba journey.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel S


  • Sufficient width
  • Real value for money


  • A little high in range.
  • Soft Rubber sole.
  • Trusstic system technology

These lovely pairs of shoes vow you for standards with 100% synthetic material  The composition of low form the arch acts as the back support for your feet. If you choose to buy this piece you will be benefited with a dual layered inner soul. Aside from that, the shock absorption technique weaves the purest love for ASICS. Rare foot gel cushioning is the minutely found component of these Zumba shoes. 

 Let us specify that such brook of the cushion is considered to be best among all, The outer layer of shoes is wonderful enough for working as a tool in bouncy moves. All and all don’t miss out to check back ASICS women’s gel shoes if you want a long lasting set of shoes.

3. Zumba Women’s Strong Fly Fit Sneaker


  • Stretchable in nature
  • Replaceable sole.


  • It looks like an ordinary pair of shoes.
  • Upper- Mesh
  • MONO SOCK fit system.

Introducing a low cut shoe layout Fly Fit sneaker is what you might be looking for a long while. The effective rubber soul redefines the rule of grip through these sneakers. Delivering maximum ankle mobility, respective production is lightweight and is popular among Zumba lovers for its flexibility. Not just for Zumba but you can use it for the gym, jogging, or for regular exercise phase too. 

Every woman who dreams to curtail extra inches should go with this option as fly fit lays up the aspects of shock retention, You would be glad to know that Fly Fit is also the leading choice of Zumba professional, All these heads make it a reliable choice in the line of the best Zumba shoes. Currently, this model comes in six unique colors, 

4. Ryka Women’s Tenacity Dance Training Sneaker


  • Along with laces, the velcro strap is present too.
  • Light in weight.


  • Not for rough use,
  • Sole: Synthetic Sole.
  • Colors: It comes in 9 colors.
  • Material: Synthetic and Mesh. 

Another member from the Ryka family, this pair of zumba shoes will definitely add on to your affection for Zumba. Equipped with Mesh souls Tenacity fits astonishingly on your feet end. Cleverly designed with two closure patterns this product arrives with lace and velcro for intensifying the level of grip. If you are the person who faces frequent heel stress then Tenacity is your keeper for ages.

The creators of this set have artistically compiled multiple colors for grabbing more and more attention from the customers. Not just for appearance but Tenacity is not going to disappoint you on the charts of comfort. We can say that Tenacity is one-time investment shoes for all Zumba admirers. You can give a pause to your search for lovely sneakers for Zumba with the respective alternative.

5. Brooks Women’s Glycerin Shoes


  • Hyper stability.
  • Upright predecessor


  • Tends to be tight around the ankle.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • 9 colors.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin shoes are crafting the amazement for Zumba practitioners with its man-made mesh. Protected with synthetic soul this one carries the attribute of being 12mm up from the surface, Entirely breathable Brooks is the one-stop support for your delicate feet. Now, you can jump, move, spin or bounce above with this product without any worry in your mind. 

 Thanks to the asymmetrical mid foot arrangement of Brooks you find the opportunity of putting up on your lower leg with full force on to the floor. What else you can ask from your Zumba shoes when it holds full points for flexible cushioning, comfort, and support. Moreover, these shoes keep up the energy for crossing your records of Zumba with shock retention technique.

6. Zumba Fitness Workout Sneakers for Women


  • Presence of Velcro straps along with laces.
  • Keeps your feet dry and cool.


  • There could be a little more cushioning effect.
  • Sole: Rubber Sole.
  • Colors: 1 color available.

Are you searching for the pair of shoes which is an ideal option for fashion, ease, grip and cushioning? Take home Zumba Fitness Workout Sneakers for Women. This product believes in standing up as your mate for your Zumba classes. You can wear this one also for daily jogging, gym routine or even for a normal walk. 

 Collaborated with Z slide technology workout sneakers monitors your movement in every single direction. Apart from that the high end lace pattern knows how to pamper your ankle. These shoes are highly proficient for absorbing any variant of jerk that you might go through while Zumba dancing. After reading all of the advantages you can assign your trust to Zumba fitness workout sneakers for obtaining a fair deal.

7. New Balance Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes


  • REVlite Midsole.
  • Light in weight.


  • The toe box is a bit narrow.
  • Sole: Rubber Sole.
  • Material: Synthetic. 
  • Colours: Available in a wide range of colors.

New Balance Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes are balancing all of the components of styling, ease, and shock retention. This pair lands with a low arch design which safeguards your feet from an immediate sprain. The outer material is synthetic and includes a REVlite midsole functioning as a savior for your lower leg. 

 The remarkable cushioning manages to make the set of shoes breathable. The absorbent technology of a cross trainer adjusts the sweat of your feet and turns out to be surprisingly dry. You can bid goodbye to your fear of getting skipped on the floor if you are wearing a new balance cross trainer women’s shoes.

8. Puma Women’s Cross Trainer Shoes


  • Attractive in appearance.
  • Extremely comfortable.


  • The sole is not removable.
  • Sole: Rubber Sole.
  • Breathable EcoOrtholite. 
  • TPU Shank for increased stability. 

Puma has brought a revolution in the stream of sport and it is doing the same in the league of Zumba shoes. Power, selective impact, captivating comfort, perfect shape are some of the incredible merits of Puma Women’s Cross-Trainer-Shoes, More than that Puma never compromises on the parts of the appearance of the shoes. 

100% synthetic leather is responsible for making it a long run product for the users. Rubber leather and a paramount layer of cushioning give the liberty of relaxing to your feet. TPU shank is there for chasing the milestone of stability with these attractive pairs of shoes. If you are finding a budget deal with full-fledged comfort then simply pick Puma Women’s Cross Trainer Shoes for yourself

How to choose the best shoes for Zumba: Buying Guide

Choosing the right pair of shoes is equally important as making the decision of joining your Zumba squad. At the present time, you have an abundance of Zumba shoes to choose from. So, it is quite natural to get confused while picking the unbeatable set of the best sneakers for Zumba. Foremost we would like to mention that do not rush to buy any Zumba shoes on a random basis. There are a number of factors that you should check back at the moment of ordering your shoes for Zumba. Some of the mandatory factors for your accurate Zumba shoe selection are as follows-

Sole is the crux

Firstly, whichever pair of shoes you are going to purchase keep your eyes upon the sole of those Zumba shoes. The latest set of Zumba sneakers is formed with a split sole technique which means that you will have two soles in a shoe. Delivering exceptional flexibility was one of the most common tasks of these split soles. Apart from being unpredictable with the flexibility, the split soles help in maintaining stable movement of your toes.

The capacity of absorbing jerks

The next factor worth focusing on buying a phenomenal pair of Zumba shoes is nothing else but the capacity of absorbing jerks. The intense bounces and moves of Zumba attack directly on the muscles of your feet. In this scenario the jerk absorption capability of your Zumba shoes becomes mandatory. The aim of witnessing regular use of such sneakers demands to point out the shock absorption ability of it.



The lightweight rule

No one can deny the fact that if a pair of Zumba shoes doesn’t feel light at the foot, they are not suitable enough to buy. Now, it must be clear to you that you always pay for the duo of Zumba shoes which are exceedingly light in weight. This the most necessary factor that you should consider at the time of grabbing your hands upon the stunning pair of Zumba sneakers. The lightweight of Zumba shoes gives you the independence of hitting your moves on the floor without any worry.

Pick up the comfy pair

It is needless of specifying that the comfort of Zumba shoes is the actual support system for your Zumba sessions. But do you know which element generates the comfort of these shoes? If not then we would like to share that cushioning is the foundation of comfort. For ultra soft shoes never forget to see the cushioning and outer material of your sneakers for Zumba. The producers of Zumba shoes are presenting various types of cushion for winning the satisfaction of the user, So, for your satisfaction form the pair of Zumba shoes consider the cushion arrangement of zumba sneakers,

Best Zumba Shoes – FAQs


Q. Can I wear running shoes for Zumba? 

No, it is not at all advised to wear running shoes for Zumba. Since this type of dancing requires quick moves, twisting and turning around and Zumba shoes are exclusively made for this purpose. Running shoes have traction which is not required while performing Zumba. 

Q. What type of shoe is the best for Zumba? 

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training shoes are the best for Zumba purposes. These shoes have everything that you need for stability, comfort and they even look so attractive. These shoes are highly recommended for beginners who are just starting out with Zumba and fitness. 

Q. How many times should I do Zumba every week? 

Three days a week is more than enough for Zumba. If you are a beginner in the world of fitness then start slowly with 25-30 minutes every day, thrice a week. When you get used to it then you can dedicate 1 hour to Zumba. 

Q. Why do my feet hurt during Zumba? 

This is a common issue that people have because Zumba requires intense foot movements which cause your heels to ache. Due to the inflammation of the plantar fascia, you may experience pain in your feet. However, you can avoid such painful experiences by investing in Zumba shoes. These shoes will help in the absorption of impacts giving your feet minimum pressure. Do not overdo the exercises as they may cause some problems too.

Final Verdict

We hope that this article will serve as the concrete guide for you to buy the best zumba shoes. It is the time to proceed for ordering your favorite set of Zumba sneakers by keeping in mind all these points. What are you waiting for? Mark your pair of shoes right away.Let yourself unleash the power pact relationship between your zumba shoes and zumba. With these words we would like to wind up today’s piece. All the best for your productive experience of Zumba.

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