Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer Reviews

The elliptical trainer is also known as the cross trainer or the X-trainer. It is a stationary machine for exercise and is used for the better stimulation of the various aspects of exercise like the stair climbing, running or even walking. They don’t pose any excess pressure on the joints, and hence it is equipment for the betterment of your body as well as your health without any harm done to your body. This is risk-free equipment that you can use at home as well for the better enhancement of the body structure and also keep your physical health intact.

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer User Reviews:

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer is one robust elliptical trainer which avails to the user a vast number of benefits.  This is an elliptical trainer that you can use for the smooth working process as well as the enabling feature of the trainer to provide a workout for the whole body. This is a durable machine which has the benefits as well as comes to the market at a cost-effective price. The elliptical trainer avails to you the ability to work out from home, and this product is apt for people who are new into the workout scenario as well as for the people who want to do an intense workout and even the people who are injured.

You can get the smooth precision of workout that you can avail from this elliptical trainer. They also have a cost-effective price, and this product avails the best features in an elliptical trainer of this price range. This is excellent equipment that can enable you to work out in an intense manner as well as a workout on a lighter level. The folding ability of the elliptical trainer also makes it a space-saving piece of equipment.

This is an elliptical trainer that also adds on the great versatility in the workout room of any person. The equipment has a construction that is light in weight, and the issue of placing it in the room is almost negligible as this elliptical trainer is thin and sleek and will fit in any place. Because of its sleek nature, it can fit into even the tight areas of the workout place or room. It also folds up, and this is a great benefit as you can keep it away when not in use. This is also immensely safe and beneficial equipment that should be in every gym.

Key Features:

The elliptical trainer has many great features that it brings to the user. The dimension of the equipment when it is unfolded is about 68″ (L) x 25″ (W) x 64″ (H). There is a great versatility of the resistance levels as this product avails to you ten different levels of resistance for the light workout as well as the rigorous workouts. You will never get bored during your exercises as well as there is an inbuilt set of speakers in the equipment through which you can listen to your favorite music while working out.

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There is a 0 gap workout motion system which makes the elliptical trainer even more advanced in terms of rigorous workouts. The max weight that can be carried by this equipment is a rough of about 275lbs which is a decent one for an elliptical trainer of this dimensions and price range. The assembly of the elliptical trainer is also effortless and comes with useful templates which make the process even more comfortable for the user.

The product is durable in nature and also is light in weight and construction. There are also some stabilizers for the better performance of the equipment. The elliptical trainer also comes with an LCD display which is beneficial for the workout enthusiast who is using it.


This elliptical trainer comes with a variety of benefits to the user.

  • The lightweight factor and even the cost-effective price are the most highlighted ones.
  • Besides them is the ten different levels of resistance programs which are availed to the user.
  • There is a low impact on the joints of the user from this elliptical trainer.
  • The durability and versatility are also robust.
  • The equipment comes with a built-in speaker set.
  • This is an elliptical trainer that is apt for almost all age groups, and this is because of the various workout levels.
  • The equipment can also go both the directions as in front as well as backward.
  • This is among the best products for a whole body workout session.

There are a few drawbacks of this equipment as well.

  • The weight capacity of the product is 275lbs which even if good for the price range is not really too good for an elliptical trainer.
  • The interface for the setup of the various programs and the tension set up is also not user-friendly.
  • The fold up facility of the equipment is for the set-aside purposes and not for the storage purposes.

The aspect of the equipment that it doesn’t pose a lot of pressure on your joints makes it an apt workout machine for the people who have been through massive injuries. They avail to the user a non-impact workout for the better cardiovascular impact. You have the ability to regulate your exercise from a light level to a rigorous one. It all depends on the user and the speed at which the elliptical trainer is running at. There are a few varied types of elliptical trainers, and this helps the users to have a more extensive array of options available to them.

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Elliptical Trainer Reviews
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