Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine – User Reviews & Ratings

A rowing machine is one such equipment that has a vast array of benefits to the user. It helps you build a number of core muscles as well as sculpts your upper body. This is an instrument that will help you to make a significant amount of amazing muscles. You can row and avail a complete body workout through it. It will bring you the benefits that you can also avail from going to the gym and working out the various upper body exercises. This is cohesive equipment that helps you to get a lot of upper body strength. There are multiple aspects of resistance training availed in it. You won’t even need to go to the gym and workout when you have a rowing machine at home.

It is a complete gym by itself. There are a number of unusual features that are availed in the rowing machines. This amazing product, Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine is one of the most fantastic rowing machines that you can avail in the present market. It has a sleek and robust appeal and avails to you all various major beneficial aspects of exercising that a regular gym would. This is a useful machine that will help you to avail the most out of a body workout and also help you to get the best upper body sculpting.

How To Use Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine: 

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

This Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine is one great and amazing product that will help you enjoy all of your rowing exercises and experiences. You can enjoy the various aspects of a rowing machine. The equipment has an excellent benefit for the user, and also the installation process is of great ease and is effortless. This is a pretty reasonably priced rowing machine that you can use to workout at home. The folding ability of the equipment also helps in the saving of space after the exercise is done at home. There are a number of preset programs which help you have a guided exercise on the rowing machine. You can get even better the compatibility of the machine with your body workout with the help of the sensors on the monitors that help you have a better and enhanced workout. The better quality, higher grade and also the easy setup and endless preset programs as well as the various levels of exercise and resistance helps you to make this commercial workout station one of the best equipment that allows you to have a home workout that is equivalent to the gym. The exercise over this product will you have a better structured upper body and also have the various core muscles’ proper development.

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Key Features of Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine: 

There are a number of major and key features that are availed in this product of rowing machine. There are about 16 different levels of resistance that helps you to have an increased and enhanced workout which ranges from a free level to a rigorous level. These various resistance levels are magnetic in nature. The maximum weight capacity of the rowing machine is about 600lbs. This is a great and beneficial aspect of the rowing machine, and the weight capacity is high which makes it possible for even the heavier people to use this equipment at full swing for the proper body workout. When the equipment is unfolded the dimensions are 92” (L) x 19” (W) x 36” (H). The rowing machine is designed ergonomically for the enhanced comfort level of the user. There are about 15 different programs that are included with this beneficial rowing machine. The heels support which is pivoting has a great comfortable impact for the user. The great rowing machine also comes with four different heart rate monitor programs which help you to have a better cardiovascular workout.  The product has a great design and is sleek which makes the equipment amazingly beneficial and trendy.


There are a number of advantages for this excellent rowing machine. The quality of this rowing machine is that of the professional gym quality. They have a silent drive system and can even hold a max weight of 600lbs. The design is ergonomically made which enhances the comfort level of the user. It can store data for up to four different people. It is foldable for storage and also has high-end suspension systems.


There are a few drawbacks of this product which are the heavy weight of the rowing machine, which makes the mobility of the equipment difficult. It is also much stronger of a system to utilize. The screen and console are not very user-friendly and can even be confusing in the beginning.

Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine – User Reviews & Ratings
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