Health Benefits with Mountain Biking Workouts

Several people from all around the world own a mountain bike. A majority of the world’s population can ride a bike or have ridden a bike in their lifespan. This makes the mountain bikes very popular as they are cheap and easily available. There are several reasons to go biking including health-oriented benefits for all age groups. The mountain bikes are generally fast, stable, and sturdy that provides the riders with a smooth ride. The bikes are very versatile and designed to suit in most of the environments.

The mountain bikes are comparatively different than regular road bikes; they tend to be much tougher with added accessories to enable a smooth ride on the rugged surfaces. The bikes usually have high suspensions which make them study and smooth to ride even on gravel and grass. The flexibility and versatility is the key to ride a mountain bike with ease, the speed of the bike is comparatively higher than the regular bikes, and these provide much better controls to the riders.

These bikes prove to be the best companion for daily riding workouts as they help an individual to lose on their calories and fats. The bikes help the riders to get in shape when ridden on a regular basis.

Mountain Bikes and Hill Ride:

Mountain Biking

One of the most effective types of bike training is “hill training”. This training has similar benefits to running. The hill training involves realism, and that makes it recommended and important for the mountain bike riders. The mountain bikes can be ridden through the rugged surfaces, inclines, and declines on the mountain. These bikes provide appropriate balance through their stable frames even on the steepest slope inclination and declination. Mountain bikes are heavy duty vehicles that are used mainly for training purposes for hill riders. These prove to be of greater benefit to the human body and health compared to the regular bikes ridden on roads and flat surfaces. One must follow the training by applying the steps mentioned below:

  1. An individual must start the training with a warm-up session of at least ten minutes.
  2. A high inclination point must be located so that one can pedal in the upward direction for at least thirty seconds.
  3. While accelerating up the hill, one must stay in a standing position on the saddle and then pedal hard for a minimum of half a minute.
  4. On riding at the top point, one can ride down with ease.
  5. A rider must now sit on the seat and ride up the slope again with greater intensity and acceleration on the pedal as this will require greater effort for the next half a minute required to ride up the slope again.
  6. Repeat the same step for going down the hill at a regular pace.
  7. These steps of standing and riding up followed by going down, then again seating and riding up and then going down the slope must be done exactly for at least 5 to 6 times.
  8. One must now rest their bodies for ten minutes.
  9. The set of five to six times of pedaling must be repeated again after the cooling period of ten minutes.
  10. Now eventually the rider must rest for ten minutes again followed by calling off the day.

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Alternative Mountain Biking Workout for Riders:

  1. An individual must start the training with a warm-up session of at least ten minutes.
  2. One must sprint hard for at least twenty seconds.
  3. A recovery time of ten seconds must be added after the hard twenty seconds of the sprint.
  4. This is taken as a single set; an individual must practice the same in at least ten sets.
  5. Eventually, the rider must rest for ten minutes after the completion of the sets followed by calling off the day.

This is a simple mountain biking workout designed to increase and boost the intensity levels of riders. This stabilizes the health of the rider’s body and alongside imposes a skill of better gripping over a period of roughly an hour of practice. The workout raining helps in boosting the power levels of the rider’s body and helps them to gain adequate skills of riding mountain bikes. This can be considered to be the primary step of consideration to become a professional mountain bike rider with improved health and stamina.

Long Span Mountain Biking Workout

Long Span Mountain Biking Workout

The above-mentioned mountain biking workout training lasts for a short span of time; however, there are workout sessions for mountain bike riders that last for a longer span and give the rider’s health a boost over a prolonged period of practice. The following are the steps for prolonged biking workout:

  1. An individual must start the training with a warm-up session of at least ten minutes.
  2. One must ride the mountain bike for three minutes at a stretch and pedal hard.
  3. The rider can then either cruise or rest for another two minutes to complete one set of the workout.
  4. The set can be repeated for three to four times in total.
  5. Finally, after the completion of all three to four sets, the riders can rest for a span of ten minutes and end the workout session with an end session warm-up of at least ten minutes.

This training serves to be as effective as a kilometer relay race run on the ground. The training and workout session is considered to be an aerobic workout with high-end performance at intense levels. This helps the riders to pass the ignition point of the anaerobic exercises and move forward. This completely depends on how a rider measures the workout and fulfills the standards of intense workout training. The rider is at a gain of positive endurance after the prolonged workout session.

Health Benefits of Mountain Biking Workouts:

1. Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

Heart health and cardiovascular functions in the body can be improved through routine exercises performed daily. Different studies and researches have proved that diseases related to coronary heart disease can be reduced if a person does cycling just for approximately 20 miles in a week. The body uses several muscles that require huge oxygen flow while riding a bicycle. Thus the heart works steadily, and heart health is improved. Cycling can hence be used as a workout and at the same time as a recreational activity.

2. Joints Experience Less Amount of Stress

Riding a bike is a sport with low impact. This means cycling does not put too much stress on the joints as in case of running or aerobic activities. Moreover riding a mountain bike is a non-load bearing sport. Cycling involves sitting which does not put much pressure on the joints and cause any risk of injury to them.

3. Immunity from Different Diseases

Regular workout at a moderate rate strengthens the immune system and in turn, keeps an individual healthy. Different institutes and universities have studied and created statistics that involve people cycling for at least half an hour and people who do not cycle. The end result proves that the one who rides a cycle daily ends up taking less number of sick leaves than those who do not. Some studies published states that women who include cycling regularly in their daily workout schedule also reduces their risk of getting breast cancer.

4. Mood improves as stress gets reduced

Natural endorphins are released in the human body when one does vigorous cycling and biking using mountain or road or hybrid bikes. These endorphins help in gaining energy and are the best way to feel good and have a positive state of mind. Cycling workout boosts serotonin which is a neurotransmitter present in the brain. This prevents anxiety and creation of depression in mind. This single track bike riding can also become a moving meditation form that improves the power of attention and focus.  Thus individuals can relax as the negative thoughts in the body get distracted due to this cycling exercise which would have caused depression and anxiety. Self-esteem and confidence of a person are also affected in a positive way through this new form of exercise and skills of biking. This form of workout is a solution for mood swings. It brings in happiness and helps one to stay calm.

5. The capacity of the brain is increased

Increase Brain Size

Researchers have proved through different studies that the improvement in cardiovascular activities and heart fitness due to cycling exercise can improve the brain functioning and thus mental test solution powers of an individual. The oxygen flow and the blood flow in the brain are increased which boosts and regenerates receptors. The hippocampus of the brain cells which is important for memory also works efficiently after this cycling exercise is done regularly. Thus people suffering from Alzheimer also find this exercise quite effective. Creative people and professionals often use their creative skills and brain functions to solve problems with their innovative ideas developed during this biking activity.

6. Improves body balance and body coordination

Mountain cycling unlike running on a treadmill is a dynamic workout that involves constant adjustment by riders to different terrains, elevation, and pitches.  Staying secured on a mountain bike and riding it steadily helps one to stay away from crashing. It provides strength to the neural pathways and reactivates the muscle memory. To possess proper body balance and coordination one must have senses, nervous system, muscles and the brain resources in a combined form. These systems must be kept active especially with growing age as that helps to maintain balance and stay away from injuries associated with falling due to imbalance.

7. Entire body workout

The calf muscles of a cyclist are easily noticeable whereas one often does not realize that the entire body is affected by cycling exercise and thus the growth of muscles in the entire body occurs. The cyclists need to utilize every muscle of their body while riding a mountain bike. Cycling helps in tightening of the butts, strengthening of legs, calves and the thighs. The body requires balance to keep the body upright while cycling. This strengthens the core and abdominal muscles. The upper body is also strengthened due to maneuvering and climbing. Another additional positive point is one need not have to spend money on purchasing a membership for cycling just as in case of gym memberships.

8. Improved sleep

Improved sleep

Individuals often feel tired immediately after riding a bike and tend to fall asleep faster than usual. It will improve the night sleep which is the main regenerative sleep of the day. The cycling workout causes the cortisol to decrease in the body which is a hormone responsible for keeping a human awake. Cycling is basically an outdoor activity and workout which exposes an individual to daylight. Thus mountain biking helps one to take care of circadian of the body which is the wake and sleep cycle.

9. Psychological Advantages

Mountain biking is a popular workout carried out by friends in groups, clubs, and other social groups. They thus get to travel and enjoy together. It also allows individuals to form friends and interact with new people. Psychology proves that these interactions lead to happiness and a healthy life.

10. Enjoying and feeling the nature

Riding mountain bikes is the best way to enjoy outdoor activities and watch and feel the nature closely. It helps one to get feel the dust and the bushes. It helps one to get aloof from everyday tensions and activities and enjoy the solitude of nature.

Final Word

Mountain biking is considered to be one of the most recreational activities for millions across the world for decades. The mountain biking workout easily relieves the riders from several diseases and benefits the health to a greater extent to fight against obesity, diabetes, and heart-related concerns. This is a positive form of outdoor cardiovascular exercise that vitally nourishes the heart’s health of the riders to stay fit and healthy.

Health Benefits with Mountain Biking Workouts
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