Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill Review (2020)

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I have always been inclined towards running for a long time. According to my understanding, running is a very beneficiary exercise and a great way to reduce all the stress building up in your mind. Living in the world culture of working every minute, I hardly anymore have time for running. Earlier I used to go for long runs at the park but today it just seems impossible as I hardly get any time out of my home and job. To come out of this problem, I decided to buy a best treadmill for myself. Treadmills are great devices, and they help you run without moving from one place to another. You can stay in your office or home and can still run whenever you feel the need.

So when I decided to buy a treadmill for myself the question that stood in front of me was “which one to buy?” I didn’t have any model in my mind so one of my close friends suggested me to go for Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill and honestly I do not regret my decision at all.

The company Sole Fitness describes its product F85 Folding Treadmill as the best treadmill in the entire world and I won’t deny its authenticity. This product has been the best for many consecutive years as the treadmill is loaded with all the qualities a runner or a walker would need. It is one of the best quality products in the sports market and that is why after a lot of research I decided to buy it. I am not just talking about the quality of appearance but also the quality of technology and techniques used in the machines are great and make it the best.

The automated inclined motion, spacious carpet area for the runner, powerful motor, and great cushioning are some of the basic features that I loved the most about the treadmill. I am a kind of person that cannot stay in one place while I run and F85 has proved great for me. Its large carpet area allows me to run freely without being scared of falling down after accidentally stepping on the sides.

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I was impressed when the delivery arrived and the man who delivered the parcel took it to the room I wanted. They left it in the room and then I assembled it. It looked pretty great after assembling and that gave a good smile. I have been using the treadmill for 6 months now and I am very happy with it.

Talking about Technically, the product doesn’t stay behind in technical controlling too. It has a 10.1 display that provides you the complete freedom to control its functioning and also lets you monitor your progress. It also has a very secured holder for my tablet and a Bluetooth connection that provides easy connectivity with other devices like my tablet.

Best Features of Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill:

  • Supreme quality – The quality of parts used in the product is excellent and I am very impressed with it. The appearance of the product is like it was designed for use in elite hotels or star’s homes. The product is good enough to house at a professional gym and just not to be limited to a home gym as it can run on high power because of the supreme quality of the parts used.
  • Powerful Motor – F85 has a 0 CHP motor which is a powerful motor. I ran on average of 12mph and it is able to sustain all the sprint. The machine can hold weight up to 400 pounds although I am just 132 pounds.
  • Quite working – All treadmills use 2 ply-rolls these days as they are convenient and needs less maintenance. F85 has the largest track rollers that make the functioning of the system efficient and very less noisy. There hardly is any sound disturbance from the treadmill.
  • Cushioning – running out in the fields can cause great impacts on your knees and legs but the case is not the same with F85. F85 has 40% less impact on the legs because of it amazing cushioning technique. This cushioning restricts the sudden collision of the floor and the feet and this protects the legs from getting a sudden
  • Incline – inclination is a great feature in the treadmill that gives extra challenges to the runner and the muscles. F85 has 30 levels of incline and it is a thing which is not available in most of the treadmills. I run at 10 or 12 mph with some 4 or 6 level of inclination and the calories lost are way more from the flat run.
  • Console – This is the most attractive part of the product according to me. All my concentration is stuck to the console when I run and it motivates to run even harder. It has a huge 10 inches graphics display screen. Various modes are available to customize your workout according to your need, it even has a manual mode that is not something you will easily find. Two users can store their workout plan in it at a time for their separate use. Isn’t that convenient enough?
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – F85 has a great feature that allows you to connect your device with it through Bluetooth. This is the best and most convenient way to listen to your favorite music while you workout. Music is a must for me and it became very convenient with F85.
  • Easy Fold – One of the best parts about the treadmill is that it is foldable. If you are not using the treadmill, you can easily fold it up and save your space. It also has a lock as well.
  • Safety measure – there is a cord in the system that the runner can put on its self, it, unfortunately, the runner losses its balance and falls down the cord will be pulled and the rolls will automatically stop. It also has a stop button on the console for the safety purpose.
  • Heartbeat rate – F85 has features that are99% accurate while measuring the heartbeat rate of the runner. The heart rate is calculated on the basis of the different components like age, gender etc. of the runner.
  • Extras – the treadmill has touch pulse sensors to be accurate about the heartbeat Speed control buttons and inclination control is built in the armrest of the system. This is a great feature as it becomes very easy to control the functioning.
  • Warranties – Sole Fitness is great at giving Warranties n their products. That is why F85 comes with a lifetime warranty on its deck, frame, and A five-year warranty is also given on electronics and other parts, they also give 2 years of free in-house labor.

Final Words:

I think I have written everything I noticed and found out about F85 after using it for 6 months. The treadmill is a great option to buy if you want to invest your money in the right place and on the right thing. Such good warranties is a great part to trust upon when it comes to the company. I am very much satisfied with my purchase and will definitely suggest it to who so ever asks me about a treadmill. I hope I helped you find the answer to your question about F85.

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